James Mattis resigned

James Mattis resigned

His post leaving the Pentagon chief James Mattis. The reason for the resignation is his differences with President Donald trump, who is now deprived of one of his main opponents in the power structures.

Mattis will cease to be the head of the defense Ministry in late February, when updated following the recent elections, the composition of Congress will start to work. According to trump, it will be an honorable discharge. Claims to Mattis President, according to his Twitter, has. But Sam Mattis, on the contrary, trump unhappy and leaving because of disagreement with his policies.

The resignation of the head of the Pentagon was filed immediately after the President ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. During his election campaign trump have repeatedly said that American soldiers should not die in this country. From words to deeds, he tried to go in April of this year. Then the President first announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria. Not to begin an immediate withdrawal of troops (a tramp had set the military task is to leave the country before the midterm elections to Congress, which was held in November) had caused him, including the firm position of the Pentagon, which rests on the logistics constraints, withdraw us troops as quickly.

It's been eight months and the tramp spat on logistics, and the military, and decided to withdraw. Yes, so much for that most must be wrong from the perspective of Mattis. Turkey is preparing for another operation against the Syrian Kurds. The target of the Turks will be the YPG group, which worked closely American. She was the core of the U.S.-backed Syrian democratic forces – the same formation that has taken in the past year, the «capital» of the Islamic state city of Raqqa. And now, when ISIS dealt a severe defeat (although to say that the group is completely defeated and ceased to exist exaggeration), it turns out that Americans pass it. As the saying goes, the moor has done his work – the moor must go.

Particularly impressive Kurdish ally that the withdrawal of troops from Syria have been furnished by the trump downright as for US support of the upcoming Turkish operations. It does not matter whether American soldiers are withdrawn to really stop if they keep fighting. In the end, the official number of American troops in Syria – only two or three thousand people. It is not clear if it will include in the output power of the special forces and military instructors. Yes, and about the departure from Syria of private military companies, and especially the refusal of air strikes on Syrian territory trump said nothing. But this is not important, but what about the decision of the American President, according to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, Ankara has been pre-notified. Moreover, the decision on the withdrawal of troops trump podgadat to another decision: to approve the state Department sale Turks rocket complexes Patriot. It looks like proof of some kind of backroom deal with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

No doubt, Trump has long been advised to restore the badly deteriorated a few years ago, relations with Turkey – not least to prevent further rapprochement of this country with Russia. But in the eyes of Mattis, it looks like betrayal. Or rather, as the desire of Trump to put their own interests above the state.

If winning the US from putting the Kurds and the rapprochement with Turkey may not be unconditional, the President from the demonstrative implementation of his campaign promise wins for sure. Moreover, it has added another implementation of the electoral mandate: trump gathered American troops in Afghanistan to reduce by half.

This comes amid investigations of spectacular Robert Mueller, which is now entering in a crucial, most dangerous for the President, phase. Nobody knows what got investigated. But judging from what has been leaked to the press, Mueller found a lot of very dangerous for the President of the facts. First, the political strategist trump by Paul Manafort, who, according to spectracolor, tried with an agent of the Russian intelligence services to influence the American investigation, communicated with the President's inner circle after he allegedly sacked in disgrace and broke off all relations with him. Second, presidential counsel and confidant Michael Cohen has agreed to a major transaction in Moscow for his boss at the very moment when he talked about the need for changes in policy towards Russia. There are still third and fourth. There is still the matter of Mary Butynol, which, apparently, intends to prove spectacular, was associated with the environment trump and Russian intelligence.

All this may be, will not lead the President to impeachment, but it will impress his constituents. They are Patriotic, if not nationalistic, so ready to forgive a lot, but no connection with a foreign state, and even so, whose policies most Americans relate to threats to national security of their country. And that is what the voter addressed trump's decision on Syria. They say they are there critics in Congress, liberals in the media and spenders of public money in the office of spectracolor can anything says. And trump, meanwhile, will work to fulfill the will of the voters. Trump is not Obama, it words in the wind drops, he is a real man. The man promised to withdraw troops – man did.

A win-win PR stunt. That is against this management style and performed Mattis, who, despite his nickname «Mad dog», has always been a supporter of cautious and traditional to American foreign policy, without scaring old friends and acquiring new and unexpected allies. For this reason, incidentally, he advocated tough measures against Russia, not referring to the American officials who are dissatisfied with the investigation by Mueller. Talking about the resignation of Mattis went in the fall. The decision on the withdrawal of troops from Syria, it seems, was the last straw of his patience.

Now the question is, will it be possible for the Tramp to sit on as head of the Pentagon more flexible and loyal to the course of man. However, the President is just maybe not before the battle of the Department of defense. Ahead – the threat of impeachment.
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