Why the West is at an impasse

Why the West is at an impasse

The other day in the news flashed the thought expressed by Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Alexander Venediktov: that the West as a homogeneous club of states with common interests is something from the field of history, and not modern politics. That is, the former West is gone.

The Westerners themselves reflect on the same thing. True, they believe that, theoretically, they are, they just get sick or, more precisely, are stumped. The question is, what a dead end and who is to blame. And some admit that it is not the external world (that is, for example, Russia) that is to blame, but they themselves.

Here is one of these opinions: the arrogance and arrogance of the elite are guilty, who decided that she can do anything with plankton and manipulate it as she pleases, and she, the elite, will not do anything for it.

This, of course, about France. In general, it turns out that for the masses of Western intellectuals, the riot of yellow vests in France was the worst of many bad events of the year.

Because the victim of a riot was French President Emmanuel Macron (with his ratings) if not the last hope of the West, then something like that. A hybrid politician, made from nothing in 2017, right on the eve of the presidential election, has everyone to like everyone, to offer everyone a way out and not to let strangers, either left or conservatives, come to power. Macron was the answer of the West to Brexit (revolt of the key part of the British population against membership in the European Union), as well as the response to the Trump phenomenon and other soil shakes under their feet.

And now, an American analyst Ross Dauette explains in the New York Times, under the heading West at a dead end what happened to France and the West and does it in an unusual way. He removes from the dusty shelf an unknown satirical-philosophical novel of 1958, written by all forgotten Briton Michael Young, and announces that he is a prophet.

The novel entitled The rise of meritocracy (that is, the power of the worthy, or the power of the capable) in a poisonous form describes the thinking of the British elite of that era then, apparently, the idea was that the heirous now will rule not the hereditary aristocracy, people of knowledge and merit. Others are so stupid that they cannot make a good rebellion, and they can be deceived as much as they want.

According to the novel, it turned out that the same, intelligent and exceptional, elite began to play and brought the case to the mass slaughter of 2034. In real life, riots happened a bit earlier, Dauthet remarks.

And sentencing: when meritocracy loses confidence and legitimacy, a political deadlock arises. That is, the official elite becomes too arrogant, deceives itself about its own omnipotence and loses popularity along with the ability to manage effectively. And the populist alternative to this elite turns out exactly like that of Young disorganized, not led by anyone, vulnerable to manipulation. And what to do is not clear.

On this topic, many are now writing. And just about the French riots. The fact is that they broke out because of Macron's environmental tax attempts to take extra money from the French under the idea of saving the planet from climate change. And ecology is an interesting story.

Here is the material of another American who has long been exploring not so much the climate, but the climate saving industry itself. The author writes that the annual government spending on climate research, the promotion of new technologies, international assistance (that is, the same research and propaganda outside the US) amounted to $ 2.4 billion in 1993 and $ 11.6 billion in 2014. There were also non-governmental expenses going through various funds. Further, according to the estimate of Forbes magazine quoted by him, only for the first term of Barack Obama 150 billion was spent to save the planet in the USA.

Overall, the total investment in the fight against climate change, as one of the environmental organizations calculated, five years ago amounted to 359 billion. But it is necessary to invest, the same organization claims, at least five trillion, otherwise the planet is under threat.

Good appetite for them, Moore notes. It only expenditure on research and advocacy, not counting the subsidies to the inventors of green technologies, despite the fact that really to improve the climate not done absolutely nothing. Created a huge climate industry, and this industry encourages scientists require grants for their increasingly frightening predictions.

Us in this story, I wonder what interesting and mourning West, stalled. Look at what happened: more than two decades are the smart elites," explained to the world how millions of people should sacrifice everything for the sake of the environment, and spent the aforementioned money. Explained in other issues, of course, including something about Russia; and the environment in this case shot by accident. And shot the leader of the West, which was considered a magical answer to all possible populist threats.

That is, was that hundreds of billions did not help as soon as stupid plankton in France decided to take an environmental tax, he began a very effective rebellion. Elite is not believe. And the end of the West is that nobody knows how to deal with this unpleasant reality to fight.
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