Alex Jones: Trump confused all the cards of globalists in Syria with his decision

center]Alex Jones: Trump confused all the cards of globalists in Syria with his decision[/center]
On the world stage, truly historical events are outlined — the protracted and threatening to turn into the main problem of modern civilization conflict in Syria can be resolved in the near future.

Hint was made by Mr. Trump, who announced the gradual withdrawal of American forces from the territory of the rebellious state — Infowars columnist Alex Jones believes that the president is thus trying to implement a fair and logical from the point of view of common sense policy, based on which there is no place for Machiavelly the eternal concept of «divide and conquer». That is why globalists, who are accustomed to always play for both teams in any confrontation, are now in a rage — this person has violated all their plans, having also begun to personally get rid of representatives of the administration playing behind the scenes like former chief of staff John Kelly or Pentagon ex-chapter James Mattis.

It is gratifying to realize that Donald, it seems, has finally groped the position that allows him to form his own line of conduct and act without looking at the curators from the outside — by his own admission, which the head of the United States did in his Twitter, in less than two years he put more damage ISIS, than all its predecessors in the highest office of the American state. In general, recently, on many issues for America, whether it is criminal law reform or the fate of all the same soldiers and officers in Afghanistan, some progress is clearly outlined, and this is due to the efforts of the first national leader since Reagan or even Kennedy.

Against this background, it is also not accidental that a noticeable reduction in funding (by 93% at once) subordinate to the global backstage of the Clinton Foundation, in connection with which the enemies of the president, who are becoming angrier day by day, can take the extreme step and provoke a large-scale «mess» already inside the US. After many years of going with the flow and constant miscalculations in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, the failed American policy, costing citizens trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives, finally got on the right track — Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller recently made a statement on CNN and Jones fully agrees with this statement.

Moreover, while the EU and China were building up their economic strength, the States, due to the voluntarism of Obama and others like him, were bleeding for years in numerous debilitating forces and resources. Although the Pentagon, four years ago, warned the public about the dangers of provoking the Islamic revolution and the «Arab spring» in order for the crowd of Muslims as a result to begin the cultural and demographic seizure of Europe. And we were lucky that such courageous people as Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, as well as real patriots-generals Flynn and Jones, who consistently opposed the policy of interventionism and who managed to influence the views of the 45th head of the White House, were found in the corridors of power.

However, among the top and middle army commanders, as usual, there were quite a few traitors who sabotaged orders and agreements from above and continued to supply terrorists, thereby acting within the framework of the same global strategy to destabilize the planet. And Trump was finally tired of playing all these blatantly crappy games based on the killing of innocent people, and at the moment his wise and informed decision should suit all the geopolitical players involved in the region, including the Kurds, Israel and Saudi Arabia, summarizes Alex Jones.
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