Europe wore a yellow vest. Protests Fever EU

Europe wore a yellow vest.  Protests Fever EU

Protests erupt in European capitals

New European capitals - Brussels, Budapest, Lisbon - join the protest actions. In Paris, the protesters also do not subside.

In France, for the sixth time, the protest action of the "yellow vests" began, which take to the streets every Saturday, starting on November 17. On the yellow jackets were put on the protesters in Portugal. Prior to this, similar demonstrations began in Belgium and Hungary.

The discontent of the masses has reached a critical level. Some researchers believe that the movement of "yellow vests" opens a new page in the history of the West and the whole world.

Radical appeals in France

Another protest Saturday in France was marked by the tenth sacrifice. On December 22, in the south of the country near the city of Perpignan, a car crashed into a truck at an intersection blocked by protesters in yellow vests. As a result, died 36-year-old car driver.

In total, 1,048 policemen and 1843 protesters suffered as a result of mass protests in France.

The protest movement of "yellow vests" is gradually losing popularity due to the more stringent demands of the demonstrators and fewer and fewer people come to the rally. At the same time, polls show that 70 percent of the French still agree with the manifestoes of the "vests", but no more than 54 percent support the continuation of the shares.

The most radical protesters propose to block the borders of France and begin to work together with like-minded people from neighboring countries. Others want a truce during the Christmas holidays.

Thus, in an open television debate, one of the founders of the movement, Priscilla Ludoski, called for a protest on the borders with Belgium, Germany and Spain, so that "no truck would cross the border."

On December 22, about two thousand people came out in Paris, 79 of whom were detained. Around noon local time, police detained one of the organizers of the protests, Eric Druet, for organizing illegal demonstrations on a public road and carrying weapons.

Europe wore a yellow vest.  Protests Fever EU

Recall that the movement of "yellow vests" was born on social networks and it does not have a single leader or leaders with whom the authorities could negotiate.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the introduction of an economic and social emergency in France, and also fulfilled some of the demands of the protesters.

In Hungary, slave laws

On December 12, thousands of protests began in Hungary in connection with the adoption of a new labor law, which is called the "law on slavery".

The protests that the police dispersed with tear gas and arrests for Hungary became the most widespread in the past few years.

Under the new labor law, Hungarian companies can annually require up to 400 hours (previously 250 hours) overtime for employees and delay payment for this processing for three years (previously there was one year).

Europe wore a yellow vest.  Protests Fever EU

The Hungarian government insists that labor reform will benefit both employees and companies who need to fill the labor shortage. The unions call it the "slavery law".

The protesters are also generally dissatisfied with the policies of the right-wing Hungarian government and Orban’s authoritarian style of government. Details in the article "Slave Law". Thousands of Hungarians came out to protest.

On December 21, about five thousand protesters against labor legislation took to the streets of Budapest.

Portugal can confirm uprising potential

On December 21, a protest action in yellow vests took place in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Several hundred people demanded tax cuts, as well as stricter migration controls. They also engage in scuffles with the police.

The local mason, the owner of the prestigious BMW, who was unhappy with the speed reduction, became a catalyst for indignation in Portugal, media reported.

However, for whatever reason, as the European editorial office of the American newspaper Politico notes, there are many reasons for protest in Portugal.The government in the country is the left government under the leadership of the Socialist Party, which previously reduced part of the tax burden.

However, many Portuguese are expressing dissatisfaction with the illegal migration in the country. Portugal in recent years is experiencing an invasion of illegal migrants from African countries who work in the harvest and other low-prestige jobs.

Surveys showed that 27 percent of Portuguese are ready to vote for a party that will advocate tougher immigration laws.

Politico notes that if the "yellow vests" in Portugal can increase the protest potential, it will generally "confirm the international potential of the uprising."

Belgium versus UN Migration Pact

In the political capital of the European Union, Brussels, thousands of protests are continuing against the Belgian authorities signing the UN Migration Pact.

The media write that the protest marches were organized by the extreme right-wing Flemish parties who fear a new influx of migrants to Belgium.

The UN Covenant is designed to make the migration process easier and safer by setting uniform standards for safe and orderly migration. The document is not legally binding. But if the state starts to implement it, then it will become much easier for refugees to enter the country and settle down in it.

Protesters threw stones at the European Commission building and the police. Police responded with tear gas and water cannon.

Europe wore a yellow vest.  Protests Fever EU

Europe wore a yellow vest.  Protests Fever EU

Europe wore a yellow vest.  Protests Fever EU
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