Trump's war with the inland state enters active phase

Trump's war with the inland state enters active phase

The sides are hitting each other harder.

The events of the last 24 hours indicate that the United States is now in the active phase of the civil elite war between the conventional deep state and the conventional nationalist trampists.

Trampists managed the following:

1. The withdrawal of troops from Syria (not yet implemented on the ground), the decision on which was made to bypass (!) The chiefs of the General Staff and Bolton (Jan Bremer  head of the influential Eurasia Group) rightly writes that this situation is Bolton's personal defeat). According to MSNBC, The Pentagon (read  deep state) is extremely dissatisfied.

2. The lifting of sanctions on Deripaskas assets, despite the fact that they are in fact transferring to enhanced control of the Russian state through VTB. It turns out to be a rather funny situation: with En + and Rusal, sanctions are lifted for being de-facto nationalized in favor of Russia. It is logical that Russophobes like McFaul and Jan Bremer are now furious and seething with anger in social networks.

Of the recent successes of the Deep State:

1. The arrest of Huaweis financial director, bypassing Trump, which greatly reduces Trumps chances at any negotiations with China, even under conditions when Trump needs at least some visible results in this area called yesterday.

2. (Most importantly)  Fed. Despite Trump's demands, despite public requests from influential billionaire Druckenmiller, despite public appeals to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and despite panic in the markets, the Fed has raised the dollar rate and promised to raise it further than the American stock market yesterday collapsed.

This is a very radical position, which can be explained or by the fact that Jerome Powell really wants to go down in history as a person who bankrupted Wall Street but blew off the great financial bubble (your humble servant does not believe in the existence of such idealists in the Fed, because They do not take the Volcker) or (more likely) Powell has a task to hang the economic crisis on Trump, which the Fed has been pushing aside during the Obama era.

Trump himself, by the way, in 2016 was hoping for a different scenario and told reporters that the fake bubble of the American fake economy (this is Trump's term, not mine) would explode even before he took office, but it did not come true. Now Trump, as president, is responsible for ensuring that the economy does not collapse during his presidency.

On the sum: it is very good that the Trump group is actively fighting for leverage and trying to show its viability. The more acute the conflict in the United States, the better for the rest of the planet. In an ideal scenario, of course, I would like Powell to really bring the situation to a full-fledged recession with a crisis and collapse because no matter who wins after this collapse, it will be much easier to negotiate with post-crisis America, Crimson Digest TV channel says.
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