Foreign mass media were delighted with the press conference of Vladimir Putin

As you know, a big press conference was held in Moscow yesterday in Vladimir Putin, at which he answered questions from the press. On the agenda was mainly the topic of domestic and foreign policy.

Of course, representatives of foreign media could not get past such an event. Summing up the meeting of the Russian leader with journalists, the publications wrote that thanks to such events Putin demonstrates his professionalism.

Foreign mass media were delighted with the press conference of Vladimir Putin

In particular, Forbes noted that the head of Russia gave clear and specific answers to all questions, unlike his colleagues.

«Very few of the world leaders are able to take part in an event of this format”, the media notes.

A similar opinion is shared by the German mass media. Journalists called this format of communication with the press a unique phenomenon.

It is worth noting that this time Vladimir Putin focused precisely on the internal situation in Russia, which could not but make the people happy.

The president has not bypassed, of course, the international agenda. In particular, he drew attention to the situation with the withdrawal of American troops from the ATS, supporting the initiative of Trump.

It seems that the Western media were just waiting for Putin’s reaction to this particular news. Correspondents from CNN regarded the response of the Russian leader as an approval:

„So we got it“. Vladimir Putin’s approval of Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria. However, he made a skeptical remark — it is not known how long it will take. In Afghanistan, American troops are already 17 years old. ”

American journalists from Bloomberg believe that Putin’s support for Trump’s decisions could affect the US political background.

And it probably will. Washington, as they say, just give a reason. Immediately they assign the alliance with the Kremlin to the American president.

Let me remind you that the big press conference of the President of the Russian Federation lasted 3 hours and 43 minutes. During this time, Vladimir Putin answered 66 questions from journalists.
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