International Migrant Day: Reality and "dust in the eyes"

International Migrant Day: Reality and "dust in the eyes"

Today is International Migrant Day. According to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, migration stimulates economic growth, promotes mutual understanding and benefits communities, both in countries of origin and in countries of destination. Quite an idealistic view of this phenomenon.

The controversy that has flared up around the advisory nature of the World Migration Pact approved in Marrakesh, however, suggests other thoughts. A number of Eastern European countries took its adoption as an encroachment on its sovereignty. They do not like the position that migrants will be distributed according to the allocated quotas between countries.

It is known that migration as a phenomenon has always accompanied the development of human civilizations. Only now it has adopted a global character thanks to the development of transport and interstate relations. More and more people are relocating in search of a better life.

From the migration policy of countries that host refugees or labor migrants on their territory, it depends on what their future will be. The focus should be on protecting human rights, respecting its dignity, ensuring social justice and security. This is not everywhere and is not always possible, as modern realities show. It is worth noting that migrants are an effective tool for geopolitical destabilization, which Washington often uses.

The UN World Migration Pact is generally considered a plan by globalists who are trying to legitimize the status of illegal migrants throughout the world and undermine the national sovereignty of states. No wonder the Visegrad Four protests against the migration policy of the European Union.

Europeans are still in shock after the one and a half million invasion of refugees from Africa and the countries of the Middle East that occurred in 2015. This led to the revitalization of right-wing populists and nationalist movements in the EU countries. Electronic European media recorded comments from readers who wrote that Europe does not need migrants. In the EU, so there are 17 million unemployed, and at worst, you can call on Ukrainian or Turkish guest workers. New they do not need.

The Migration Pact, at first glance, calls for counteracting trafficking in persons, and on the other, it obliges the states, their recipients, to provide them with maximum protection and promote integration into European society. Critics of the pact claim that in the future globalists are planning to complete the creation of a world government and finally eliminate national sovereignty. In fact, every illegal person will get the opportunity to legalize and get civil rights.

But, most importantly, the blame for the mass arrival of migrants in Europe rests entirely with European and American politicians who have turned the Middle East into the territory of local conflicts, rampant terrorists, economic chaos and gangster lawlessness. In this scenario, the Europeans fully deserved all the problems that arose after the invasion of migrants. You should not go into foreign countries with your charter and rob those who are weaker, realizing their own geopolitical and economic goals.

The United States, which lobbies for the adoption of a migration instrument at the UN, will benefit as a result. The fact that American politicians are trying to distance themselves from this document and voted against its adoption in Marrakesh, says only that Washington is hiding its true plans from its allies in the EU. It is easier to destabilize the European continent and retain leadership in the West.

The aggressive US foreign policy doctrine and the support given to the White House by the Allies has led to increased tensions in the world. The global security system is tested for their strength. Migrants for them are impersonal and serve as a means of achieving the goal.

An aging Europe will not receive «fresh blood», but the coming of the conquerors. They will eliminate the traditional system of the world, break down and destroy the national-religious structure of Europe. A new society will be created, consisting of people buying and selling American goods, watching Hollywood films and unable to unite to oppose the hegemon. Idyll for American capital.
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