Why did the French rebel or how do they live in prosperous France ...

One of the main events of the last weeks of the outgoing year was the riots in France. Six people have already died  and the victims of the terrorist attack in Strasbourg are not included in these calculations.

What are the causes of dissatisfaction with the French life? After all, it is obvious that not the rise in price of gasoline, but the general state of affairs in France is causing concern and the desire to protest among many French?

Why did the French rebel or how do they live in prosperous France ...

The riots in France continue for the third week, already provoking people in neighboring countries to action: Belgium and the Netherlands are already joining in actions of a not peaceful protest. It is no longer necessary to say that this uprising of the working and middle class has distinct signs of color technologies and a clear organization with full material support. Even for the French expert community and part of their political establishment this is an obvious fact.

Another question is that Western experts publicly erode responsibility in the organization: it is not the trade unions that are to blame, not all sorts of rights and radical leftist movements, not the migrants. Only the most courageous half-whispers find the American footprint in the person of Mr. Soros funds, and link the incident with the words of President Macron about the need to create a separate European army and greater independence in Europe.

Talking about the obviousness of disagreements in the North Atlantic Alliance, caused by a clear division into the leading role of the United States and the subordinate role of Europe, it seems, is no longer worth it.

This suggests direct analogies with the student uprisings of 1968 and the resignation of De Gaul, which followed Frances refusal to pay in US dollars and exit from NATO. The question is different: how did it happen that such large-scale protest riots swept one of the richest and most prosperous countries in Europe?

After all, the apologists of Western capitalist democracy are constantly poking their totalitarian unwashed Russia in the beauty of European free and satisfying life.

Eight years of almost annual business trips to France and other EU countries personally opened my eyes long ago and showed a real, rather than vacation life in Europe, hidden from tourists behind the warm climate, the sound of the Mediterranean surf, the beauty of the Alpine peaks and the aroma of vineyards.

Liberals often reproach Russia for total state censorship in the media, referring to the European freedom of speech, which is, of course, a fiction  let's talk about this in detail later. So, just in Europe and in France in particular, the state, apparently, actively protects the inhabitants from bad news. This can be calculated if you come to France with two smartphones  leave one with a Russian SIM card and roaming, and insert a SIM card from a local operator into the second one.

The same Google feed will show different sets of news: in the first case, everything will come from sources, including crimes, traffic accidents and other incidents. But on the French phone will be the priority of good in the best traditions of the USSR  built, erected, achieved, raised, increased, etc. Sometimes local residents in the regions learn about incidents in their country from visitors.

Myth of France No1  high salaries.

They have patches of 5,000 Euros! And our national average is less than 500! We are beggars!
Is the most common myth, and in a certain context it is a blatant lie on the part of supporters of the Western way of life.

In France, there is no concept of the average salary as such, since the income of citizens varies greatly depending on the qualifications and region of residence. The second, confusing ignorant Russians feature  a huge difference between the appointed salary (pre-tax earnings) and the salary actually paid on hands (after-tax earnings). This amount often differs twice (or even more) due to the complex taxation system.

The net salary of the average man in the street in France ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 euros
at a local minimum wage rate of 1,150 Euros, which is approximately equal to the subsistence minimum.For example, an ordinary worker at a factory gets clean 13001700 euros, depending on the surcharges, the shift master  20002300 euros.

In addition, salary depends on being close to the capital or a large regional center: in the outback, people receive less for the same position. So, when you are told that doctors in France receive 5,0007,000 euros per month, firstly, immediately divide this figure by two (deduct taxes, fees and insurance payments), and secondly, specify where these doctors are work  with a probability of 99% it will be a private clinic in a suburb of Paris, and not a city clinic somewhere in the vicinity of Toulouse.

One French pension, contrary to myths, cannot be lived in certain regions of France, for example, in the foothills of the expensive Alps. Local retirees are sometimes forced to work in two jobs: often former professional skiers work as instructors on the slopes in the winter season, and in non-season they drive city buses.

The myth of France number 2  the general high standard of living.

Again, Russians are often confused by the common European natural beauty, the accuracy of toy towns. Which, let us be frank, are really the merit of the innate pedantry of Europeans and care for their own comfort and coziness. Only this is very little connected with the standard of living  wages of 1,700-2,000 euros, with their price level, are enough to simply live to the next salary.

Why did the French rebel or how do they live in prosperous France ...

Typical French streets, shabby houses, broken shutters

Gasoline at 1.5 euros per liter, a pack of cigarettes at 5-7 euros, a piece of good cheese  about 10-12 euros, salad greens in a cafe  from 10 euros, lunch at a restaurant without alcohol  from 25 euros, and so on. d.

The country's car park is a great indicator of living standards. Pay attention to what the majority of the French in the regions drive to  these are French subcompacts, and sometimes of solid age. That is, the cheapest thing on the market! TOP-10 sales of new cars in France is almost entirely made of cars cheaper than 20 000 Euro, including frank state employees.

Why did the French rebel or how do they live in prosperous France ...

Afford a good car, for example, from the German middle and premium class in France can very few.

The biggest item of expenditure is, of course, real estate. Its cost in France is monstrous: a 3-room apartment in almost any regional center costs about 300,000 Euros, in Paris it is twice as expensive. And this is taking into account the danger of disadvantaged emigrant areas.

That is why the French prefer for the same money to buy houses in the suburbs: for 200-250 thousand euros you can find a small house with a garden in the many surrounding provincial villages. So the heyday of suburban housing in France is not associated with an increase in the standard of living, but vice versa: life in the city alongside work and infrastructure for some citizens is an unaffordable luxury.

Almost all of central Europe is provincial. Up to 75% of the population live in the suburbs and villages. So cheaper.

Of course, due to very high housing prices, the main part of it is bought, of course, with a mortgage, and for a long time  25-30 years. The interest rate in France is really small  3-4%, only this is not much easier for borrowers. By the way, all related bank and notarial fees, commissions and registration fees, as well as insurance and, of course, taxes, are added to this rate. The average monthly payment is about 600-800 euros (by the way, rent will cost as much).

By law, the payment can not be more than 1/3 of the borrower's income. In addition, to this amount you need to add utilities, which in France are very large. The average size of a communal flat (from electricity and gas to a TV antenna) is 300-350 euro per apartment, a small house is 500-700 euro. That is, the monthly content of the average housing purchased in a mortgage in France costs from 1000 to 1500 euros per month.

For this reason, in a normal French family both spouses always work  the salary of one almost entirely goes to housing, the second  to live 2-4 people, which is only enough.And so almost all my life! The French, calculated for retirement with a mortgage, are considered lucky, who can finally begin to live a normal life.

Renting one floor of a house for rent, the average temperature in a dwelling is 16-18 degrees and room heating of a house or apartment, finding tenants in a house in warm clothes and shoes is a common picture in France (especially in the north). Because of the very large utility bills, the French save on everything, mainly on heating.

The myth of France number 3  tax haven.

Another frequent argument of pro-Western citizens: Russians are strangled by taxes and intimidated by the state. There is no such thing in the West! It is immediately clear that a person has never been in the West, or does not know anything about him. France in this matter, by the way, is especially revealing.

As mentioned above, in the Fifth Republic, one of the most complex and rigid tax systems in Europe is that the average citizen is literally levied with all sorts of government contributions. It should start with the fact that in France the progressive scale of income tax  the more you get, the more you pay taxes.

The result of this policy is not only the departure of local rich people to offshore, but also the unwillingness of the average worker to make a career and go on increasing. The transition to a higher-paid position threatens to hit a higher tax rate, which eats up almost the entire salary increase while increasing work and responsibility.

The average rate is 30%, to which are added all sorts of factors. To this are added more pension contributions, medical contributions, various social payments, for example, for preschool education of children, real estate tax and separately for living in it, transport tax and professional education tax.

Of course, the second part of deductions is insurance  again, almost everything: from life and health to a car and real estate. Of course, there are concessions in the form of benefits and reduction factors, in which the French are trying to get.

The total amount of all taxes for the average Frenchman is on average about 40% or almost half of the income. Actually, this is why, when someone calls you a salary in France, you can safely divide it into two.

By the way, pro-Western journalists in Russia often play with numbers when comparing tax systems. They take the average salary in Moscow for basic income and charge it first with Russian taxes, and then French, as a result of which it turns out that taxes in France are almost twice as low. This is pure manipulation!

It is very difficult to live on such money, and therefore such income is considered at a preferential tax rate of the third category in the amount of 14%. The main tax strike falls on the French middle class, which automatically falls into the fourth category with a rate of 30%  they pay two thirds of all revenues from the tax on income in the country.

One of the most terrible for the Russians of French taxes is the inheritance tax. For example, you simply cannot leave your relatives, including children, an apartment or a house in France  they will have to pay tax in the amount of 5 to 60% of the property value. With its very high cost, this is often an unaffordable amount, so it is sometimes easier for children to mortgage their own housing. If up to 65 years parents will issue a gift, then you can get a 50% tax discount. But to sell a house and donate money to children in France is also impossible  the country has set limits on financial donations.

The myth of France No4  minimal government intervention in the lives of citizens and businesses.

Citizens of liberal views in Russia have a strong opinion that the state should minimally interfere in the lives of people and especially business. They say that only the invisible hand of the market is able to properly equip the economy and establish a successful financial life. Of course, there are also references to Western countries, where supposedly freedom and democracy ensures prosperity and wealth.

This is another legend that has nothing to do with life. It is all about professional Western slyness and double standards about what is being said and what really exists.

Formally, in France, the laws of the capitalist economy, where, of course, everything is decided by the invisible hand of the market. In fact, the French state is very closely woven into all significant sectors of the economy and business. The state of France simply buys shares of companies that are interesting to it, and thanks to the administrative resource it directly influences the adoption of certain decisions.

The most obvious example is the story of the Mistral. For Russia, these helicopter carriers were built by an international private (!) Group of companies STX Europe, or rather its French division, one third of which belongs  correctly!  to the French state. And it was it that broke the contract with Russia, contrary to market agreements.

Another illustrative example: the constant squabbles within the board of directors of Renault and the automobile alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. As is known, the French state here also has a significant stake, influencing decision making. According to rumors, it was the disagreements of the French state shareholders with Japanese partners inside the alliance that led to the arrest of the head of the company Carlos Ghosn in Japan, who also has French citizenship.

Why did the French rebel or how do they live in prosperous France ...

Typical railway station. Unwashed, with dusty and broken train TGV

Anyway, the state of France is included in the mining, military-industrial, energy, transport, scientific, research and environmental sectors of the country. And most of these industries are functioning and developing quite successfully, and in certain areas France is one of the leaders in Europe.

So, the binding of state regulation and financial development is another pure manipulation of the Russian economic bloc. It is precisely the Western experience that clearly shows that the interrelation of business and the state is often an effective and sometimes the only possible way of development.

A fact that irritates many French people is a huge bureaucratization.In order to simply rent an apartment in France, for at least a week you will have to collect information about your financial and legal security, regardless of citizenship. By the way, to open even a small business in France is a special question, requiring, among other things, the approval of the municipality and the hiring of lawyers.


Now to all of the above-described life in France, which for the residents themselves, of course, has long become a routine, add a monstrous influx of migrants, a surge in crime in large cities, endless terrorist attacks, huge unemployment at the level of 20% among young people and general economic stagnation.

Just imagine that today the growth of the runway in France is lower than in the crisis and sanction Russia! And we didnt talk about internal political clashes, movements for secession from the EU, problems with overseas territories and former colonies.

The liberal-globalistic policy of the last non-sovereign and overtly weak rulers of the Fifth Republic so crippled the civil, political and economic foundations of once one of the most socially-oriented countries in Europe that today's France has become a powder keg ready to explode from the slightest spark  just bring it. Someone, in fact, a match and raised.

Well, and most importantly, every country in Europe is filled with many contradictions.

Do you think there are no problems in Scandinavia or Switzerland?! (Sweden. Tin!)

Its just that Europeans dont openly show or show them to you, and you dont notice them while on holiday at the resort!

Name any EU country and give a few resources  it will be a matter of one month to stage a revolution with the overthrow of power
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