Who framed President Trump with the Afghan Taliban

Terrorist attack in Kabul confirms the presence of another side in the US-Afghan war

Who framed President Trump with the Afghan Taliban

The American president was deeply outraged and seriously offended. According to the official version, Donald Trump finally managed to reach an almost final agreement with the representatives of the Afghan Taliban about a beautiful ending to the play. At the secret negotiations in Doha, representatives of the United States and the Taliban agreed on a mechanism for a peaceful settlement.

The Americans from Afghanistan, although without a pump, are withdrawing in the “with deployed banners” mode. Plus, to show that it was possible to create democracy in the country, the next nationwide presidential election should be held on September 28. After which the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is as if left to itself. And the Taliban take it quietly.

Despite all the infusions and efforts, both the rebels and Capitol Hill understand the internal weakness of the official government of the IRA. It even now controls less than 10% of the territory, mainly in the vicinity of Kabul. After the departure of the American military contingent, the Taliban will squeeze it quickly.

Judging by the sharply intensified positive statements, both sides were generally satisfied with such a result. Although the details were not disclosed, both the Americans and the Taliban recognized the progress clearly positive. Under this case, Trump invited the Taliban delegation to the United States. Still, negotiations were conducted by technical executors, while laurels should belong to a single triumph, and this is clear who should be.

The meeting was supposed to be the final stage, where the President of the United States will polish the details and be able to present the nation with a beautiful victory. It is all the more symbolic that it was possible to announce it on September 11, exactly on the anniversary date, which became the official start date of this very war. As in comics or based on them shot blockbusters. On this day, they treacherously attacked America, on the same day America defeated them. Fanfare. Salute. Plus a little in the candidate’s election karma. Trump promised to end the war in Afghanistan, he ended it! The boy said — the boy did.

And then suddenly, literally at the very last moment before the triumph, on September 5, in Kabul, not far from the US Embassy, a terrorist attack occurs. As a result of a suicide bombing, a blast wave destroys 12 cars, 10 people die and 42 more are affected to varying degrees. Among others, among the dead is first-class sergeant Ellis Ortiz of the 82nd American Airborne Division.

No, there were others besides him. And not only local police. From the international contingent, the Romanian corporal Cyprian-Stefan Pol ski was killed, but for the American public they all clearly fade in front of “their own perished.” And the most unpleasant — the Taliban took responsibility for the incident.

Deceived in his best feelings, Trump canceled the invitation of the Taliban delegation to the United States and broke into an indignant tirade on his twitter. In particular, noting: if the Taliban cannot agree on a ceasefire during these important negotiations, then they probably have no opportunity to agree on a meaningful agreement in any case.

The most serious question was again hopelessly suspended in the air. How so? Why? Who is to blame and what to do? However, let's look at the situation calmly.

Could the Taliban themselves wreck negotiations to squeeze more chocolate conditions for themselves from the US? In abstract theory, yes, but why? They already got the maximum possible. What else could their leadership require? To Trump personally lowered the last American flag at the last American military base in the IRA? Not even funny.

Maybe the American president, dissatisfied with the current agreement, thus tried to translate the match into overtime? And not here either. He himself a week before announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan of another five thousand American troops, thereby reducing the expeditionary force in the IRA to 8600 troops. In addition to them, there are still from 2 to 5 thousand employees of the CIA and about 16 thousand hired civilian personnel hired by the Pentagon.

For claims of any serious positive turning point in the situation, they are definitely not enough. Therefore, Trump is no less interested in the Taliban in an early exit from the war in Afghanistan. Again, the US election cycle has already begun.

In the struggle for the Oval Office, Trump needs visible success. And substituting with the invitation of the Taliban delegation (an organization prohibited in the Russian Federation) exactly on the date of the American tragedy, the blame for which is usually blamed on the Taliban, looks like the idiocy of the highest standard.

Then who and why? The answer to these questions is somewhat given by conspiracy theory. The fact is that in the United States there are at least three forces who together with the opposite.

Firstly, it is the Democrats, who Trump just do not like to shiver in the knees. They did not succeed in impeachment twice, but they do not give up hope to drive the usurper out of the White House, for which literally all means are good. The Taliban scandal is justified because it hits Trump's reputation. Looks stupid and disproportionate? So all the actions of the Democrats over the past two and a half years have been better?

Secondly, although the Pentagon recognizes the war as a whole as lost, he nevertheless still considers it possible to win in it. Just for this, the troops need not be reduced, but rather increased. Plus saturate with heavy weapons and increase the scale of force pressure. If necessary, in some places it is quite suitable even to work simply in the areas.

In addition, the war is still career growth, awards, bonuses and increased rates of expenditure of the material part, requiring replenishment of the stock, which means expanding the budget and increasing purchases. Which is financially very interesting for both suppliers and decision-makers at the buyer's office. No, on the whole, the war in the distant and dusty periphery of the world, of course, is necessary to end, not only now, but sometime later.

Well, and thirdly. In the January-February issue of the American magazine RECOIL, significant advertising came out. The logo of the long-closed and even banned Backwater PMC with the inscription “we are returning” was posted on the whole strip.

Although at the end of last year, Trump pushed out National Security Advisor Lieutenant General McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Pentagon chief Jim Mattis, who were the leading lobbyists for the transfer of the Afghan war to the PMC outsourcing, as an idea, nonetheless gradually gaining momentum. In any case, the president’s new national security adviser told reporters that he’s “always open to new ideas.”

And here, the former founder of Blackwater, Eric Prince, constantly repeats his readiness to replace the entire current western contingent in Afghanistan (totaling about 27 thousand people, including forces of NATO countries and various other anointed ones, such as Ukraine and Georgia) with only six thousand of its contractors and two by thousands of militants of the US MTR. Moreover, it is planned to recruit 60% of the retirees from the same American special forces, and 40% from the MTR of the armies of partners in the North Atlantic Alliance.

“The idea is to provide additional support to Afghan National Security Forces; ANSF and reduce the number of all conventional types of armed forces of the country “- insists Prince.

Plus, such an option, according to him, will provide serious, orderly, budget savings. According to official figures, since September 11, 2001, the United States spent $737.6 billion on this war. Including, 157.9 billion directly to hostilities after 2015.

Thus, today the continuation of the operation in the IRA eats about 39.5 billion annually. Prince promises that, according to his version, the costs will be reduced to about 8 billion, of which 4.6 billion will go to contract soldiers and 2.4 billion — for MTR operations. What could be an urgent end to the war in Afghanistan? What for?

All the above, of course, give away the conspiracy theory. But somehow the cards are too good. Three big and serious forces are playing against Trump, two of which are not only already involved in the hostilities but have repeatedly spoken out against Trump's strategic plan.

Given the medieval nature of the processes taking place in the IRA, including among opposition structures and the Taliban movement itself , as well as the vast experience of these guys (including the CIA) in preparing and conducting very secret operations, found in the Taliban some particularly radical cell, convincing it of the need to give the occupier even more power so that he could dump faster, and provide some technical assistance is not such an impossible task.

As a result, the Taliban are to blame, Trump is tearing and mosque, official surrender has been foiled, the war in Afghanistan continues.
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Author: Sandra Brown
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