US: Why is Russia not taking us seriously?

US: Why is Russia not taking us seriously?

Around the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) continues the vigorous movement of all parties concerned. Weekend brought another batch of news on this issue.

First, it became known that the Pentagon left unanswered appeals (this is true, in the plural, since there were two appeals) Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who offered to discuss the differences over the terms of compliance with this agreement.

Secondly, the Japanese news agency Nikkei received insights, according to which Moscow offered Beijing to join the Russian-American negotiations on the INF and the Chinese side «apparently did not reject this idea.»

Thirdly, the White House said that, in his opinion, Russia is not set up «seriously» to preserve the Treaty, since it does not recognize its violation and does not fulfill the requirements put forward by the United States: «steps to destroy their cruise missiles, launchers and support equipment that violate the contract.

This news package not only reflects the essence of the problems with the INF in a drop of water, but also presents in a concentrated form the crisis pattern of the current global political system as such. Moreover, this model can be found in almost any significant problem facing the world at the moment, whether it is Syria, the US or Chinese trade war, UN reform, or the status of the dollar as the main world currency.
How it looks in practice.

On the one hand, there is Russia, which says: there is a very difficult problem (in this case, the INF Treaty). Our US points of view on it are essentially opposite, but the topic is too important, so let's sit down at the negotiating table, try to find points of contact and, as a result, ways out of the crisis. And if it does not work out in one version, we will look for other configurations for the negotiation process.

In general, a completely standard approach, on which international relations have been held for centuries.

On the other hand, there is the United States, whose position has now been reduced to the following for almost three decades: you are to blame for the crisis and, in order to rectify the situation, you must do what we demand. In addition, until relatively recently, this American installation had an important addition: and if you do not fulfill our requirements, you will be punished with a variety of sanctions, disconnections from SWIFT, humanitarian bombardment, and so on (underline).

Moreover, for quite a long time this scheme worked quite well, because a considerable number of successfully implemented by the United States threats against certain recalcitrant were a good lesson for other countries that knew exactly what they did not want for themselves to repeat the fate of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iran and etc.

Currently, this second part of Washington’s position stops working. Moreover, in the case of Russia, China and a number of other key powers of the world, this looks particularly prominent.

For some time, the States repeated their usual rhetoric, while completely ignoring its opposite side, which stubbornly bent its line, despite the severe threats from the world hegemon. For example, in Syria, Russia brought to a change and a complete redrawing of the geopolitical situation in its favor — and all this under endless fright.

Apparently, at some point, the Americans still realized that it was necessary to somehow change their position, at least with regard to individual powers, in respect of which it does not work at all.

And they changed it.

If we translate into the everyday language a fresh comment by the White House on the INF Information Services, now Washington’s position is as follows: we see no point in talking to Moscow, because we put forward demands on the Russians, but they don’t listen to us and generally laugh at us.

And here there is a new serious problem.Certainly, it is pleasant that when the changed circumstances finally reach the once global superpower, she realizes that she is no longer very global and somehow not entirely superpower, and this, in turn, forces her to change her position to a more realistic and real world. diminished opportunities.

The trouble is, in the case of the United States it is hardly possible to say that their new position satisfies the second condition — in the sense of relevance to current reality. Still, behavior, more suitable for a graduate of the kindergarten preparatory group, is not exactly what is expected from the still most important power in the world. Especially when it comes to issues related to nuclear weapons.

So one can only sympathize with the leaders who are forced to deal with American partners, who are more and more often in their foreign policy flowing into childhood, since this behavior is simply dangerous for the world.

But at the same time, it is worth understanding the emotions of the White House, offended that people laugh at the United States in Russia.

Recently, they really often look very funny.
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