Merkel refused to quotas on migrants

Merkel refused to quotas on migrants

Germany no longer insists on the compulsory distribution list, which Brussels subscribed to for all EU members on compulsory reception of refugees.

On December 10, in the Moroccan Marrakesh, a two-day international conference under the auspices of the UN on migration policy began to work, which brought together representatives of more than a hundred and fifty (159) states, including Russia. The agreement on regulation and security of migration flows was finally approved by the UN in July of this year, after one and a half years of difficult negotiations and approvals. It should immediately make a reservation that the agreement is not binding. It is expected to be adopted in Marrakesh, but not signed. The formal UN acceptance of an agreement on the regulation and security of migrant flows is scheduled for December 19.

This will be the first international document regulating migration. The agreement consists of 23 points and is aimed at the development and promotion of legal migration as opposed to illegal migration. By the way, the number of migrants in recent years has been steadily growing and has already exceeded a quarter of a billion people.

The agreement on migrants has caused fierce disputes. Under the influence of anti-migrant sentiment, a number of countries refused to join him, including, of course, the United States. The White House left the negotiations at the end of last year. Last Friday, he again collapsed with attacks on the UN agreement, accusing the UN of wanting to establish world domination at the expense of the sovereignty of states.

On different continents, politicians in recent years have tightened laws against migrants. The most vivid example is US President Donald Trump, who promised to fence off Mexico from the fence and sent troops against the caravans of migrants to the southern border. You can also recall the scandals in the summer of 2018, when the new government of Italy did not allow migrants to go ashore from the ships arriving in Sicily.

Washington's example was followed by Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia, Switzerland and Slovakia.

«It's amazing how much misinformation about the agreement and its text,” the special representative of the UN Secretary-General for Migration, Louise Arbor, told reporters in Marrakesh. „It does not imply the right to migration and does not impose any obligations on states.”

Discussion of the agreement in many countries proceeded very rapidly. In Belgium, for example, it provoked a political crisis after the Flemish nationalists on Sunday left the ruling coalition in disagreement with the decision to sign it.

The conference in Marrakesh is notable for the position of Germany, which on the eve of the conference in Morocco agreed not to require EU members to accept the number of migrants in each country in Brussels. At this step, Angela Merkel, who arrived in Morocco, went to overcome the crisis in the negotiations on the agreement.

This is the first signal that Berlin can make concessions in the open door policy, which Chancellor Merkel was an ardent defender of the last three years and which brought her so many problems both inside and outside Germany.

By the way, Annegret Krump-Karrenbauer, who replaced Merkel as the leader of the Christian Democratic Union, often called the «mini-Merkel”, may want to get out of the shadow of the chancellor, has already announced that she plans to make changes to her predecessor’s migration policy until May 2019, when elections are held to the European Parliament. In her election campaign, it can be judged that she takes a tougher stance than Angela Merkel. For example, Kramp-Karrenbauer insists that migrants must speak German and that visitors with a criminal record are not allowed to stay in Germany.

Emmanuel Macron as a whole supports the question with migrants Merkel. He was also going to come to Marrakesh, but because of the «Yellow vests“ he was forced to stay at home and sent in his stead the head of the French Foreign Ministry.
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