Russia is only a pretext: The true reasons for the demarche of the United States

After achieving some progress in the trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing, during which the latter agreed to make some concessions, some people already hurried to declare not only that the two world powers would stop the sanctions duel, but in general, the end of the confrontation between them. In fact, this is not the case at all. The conflict between the United States and China is much deeper, and the goals pursued in it extend much more widely than the countries advocating their own economic interests. Let's try to understand at least with its key aspects.

Russia is only a pretext: The true reasons for the demarche of the United States

The trade war that broke out between America and the Celestial Empire this year was only the tip of the iceberg consisting of mutual claims, suspicions and the aggression accumulated over the long years. And the three-month truce declared in that, as well as, it seems, the agreement received from the Chinese leadership in the negotiation process to reduce the duties on cars produced in the United States from 40% to 15%, really means little. In essence, this confrontation is only the most obvious and simplest level of the open struggle that has begun between countries.

Many experts directly link with him the arrest at the request of the United States in Canadian Vancouver, the financial director and deputy head of Huawei, Meng Wangzhou, who, among other things, is also the daughter of Ren Zhenghei, the founder of this Chinese technology giant. However, this is too simplified and radically wrong vision of the situation. At least for the reason that in China itself adhere to a completely different point of view. There, they are already talking about the technological war being waged against America by the United States. It was in this vein that Fudan Wen Yang, a political analyst from Shanghai, spoke out recently. In his opinion, the main goal of the United States is to cause maximum damage to high-tech, innovative enterprises and even entire industries and the economy of China, so Huaweis business will not be limited to exactly. The expert is sure that Washington in this matter is implementing a carefully thought-out and long-worked plan, and does not act in the heat of emotions or simply according to circumstances.

For its part, Beijing does not intend in the current crisis situation to remain submissive to the whipping boy or to allow such an attitude towards its own citizens and companies. The demand for the immediate release of Myung Wangzhou and the statement that this act is utterly disgusting was not limited there. Ambassadors, both Canada and the United States, were immediately called on the carpet for the appropriate suggestions, and then an even more specific response began. On hard Chinese bunks landed, one after another, two Canadian citizens are not the last category. The first was Michael Kovrig  an ex-diplomat, now a worker, tirelessly at one of those countless American nongovernmental offices to impose democracy throughout the world, behind which the ears of the CIA clearly stick out. Then came the turn of a certain businessman Michael Spavor. Judging by the fact that he, like Kovrigu, was charged with actions that posed a threat to China's national security," he may well be a dark horse from the same stall, just under another legend.

The second arrest took place despite the fact that Canadians in Wangzhou were released from prison  however, under a magnificent $ 7.5 million bail and on conditions of extremely humiliating house arrest. China does not stop, because it demands from the United States not only the release of the corporate princess to freedom, but the complete removal of all charges against it. The Americans, of course, came up with a plausible excuse for pursuing Wangzhou  she allegedly has ties to Skycom, which is subject to anti-Iran sanctions. However, it is perfectly understandable to all  by attacking the flagship of the Chinese IT industry, Washington is trying to belatedly correct its own critical errors in assessing the potential of the Middle Kingdom.At the beginning of this century, the main export of China was light industry products  textiles, shoes, toys, and the like. Simply put, cheap rags, in many countries, were sold wholesale by weight and other consumer goods. China has just imported electronic equipment. However, this was followed by a rapid jump  and today exporting just electrical products is the main export item of the country, and its volume is approaching 600 billion dollars a year! Accustomed to looking down upon everyone around, seeing in all other countries only savages who barely got out of the Stone Age, the most high-tech in the world America suddenly found itself face with a terrible opponent. China, in fact, has already deprived it of this status. And then there will be more!

The United States is trying to press Huawei not for any real or imaginary ties with Iran, but solely for the reason that this year sales of its products exceeded that of the iPhone! Here you have the reason for the unvarnished It is worth noting that so far the only consequence of these clumsy attempts may be the loss of the USA of Chinas huge domestic market. As it became known, the company Mengpai Technology announced the reimbursement of its employees 15% of the cost of Huawei smartphones they purchased, but the iPhone intends to penalize exactly 100% of their prices! Also, the corporation has imposed a severe ban for all its divisions on the purchase of office equipment and cars produced in the United States. However, Shenzhen Huiyisheng went even further  there they not only promised to encourage and financially encourage Huawei users in every possible way, but also demanded that all employees immediately hand over the iPhone! Those who do not want to part with the miracle of hostile technology will be immediately dismissed. Such are the harsh corporate wars in Chinese

However, they, which are the second level of confrontation between China and the United States, also play far from the most important role in it. Frankly, the deepest essence of the conflict was characterized the other day by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  and he did it with his shameless directness. China is unacceptable for America as such! According to the Secretary of State, he already today undoubtedly represents the greatest threat to the United States. And in five, ten, especially  in 25 years the Celestial will be for America and completely unsolvable problem. And all  thanks to simple demographics and wealth. Simply put, in the opinion of this Washington figure, there are too many Chinese in the world, and these Chinese have too much money too. With this urgent need to do something

According to the most balanced analysts, the demarche of Washington to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles is not directed at all against Russia. Or rather  not against her in the first place. Russian 9M729 (or SSC-X-8, as they are called there) are not a real headache for the United States, and the Chinese Dongfans of various modifications, of which in the Celestial Empire, not bound to this account by any agreements and restrictions, abounded, and maybe even more. In any case, the Yankees military bases on Guam will have enough of it, and it will remain in reserve. Here, with the US military, I must say, there was about the same story as with businessmen who considered China to be an exclusively eternal factory of penny garments. While in America they selflessly destroyed hundreds of Pioneers and Pershing, while in Russia they destroyed Oku and Relief, the Chinese slowly, calmly and consistently built up their own strike power.

The current US convulsive movements around the INF Treaty are caused, first of all, not by the Russian threat, but by dreams of reformatting this treaty. Or rather, about the conclusion on its fragments of a new one, in which they will try to drag, first of all, China. But Beijings expected reaction to such initiatives It is interesting, what hieroglyph does the idiom shish and butter be transmitted there, or is it similar in meaning? In Washington, for example, they are very offended that after allegedly personally giving Trump Xi Jinping his promises not to militarize the South China Sea, the Celestial Empire continues the very intensive military construction on the islands. The Chinese comrades will not sacrifice their own security and vital interests for the sake of the United States.

Moreover, besides rockets of any range in relations between China and the United States, there are plenty of other stumbling blocks of a global, geopolitical scale. So, for example, recently in America they saw the light: it turns out, China dreams of ruining the basis of our world domination  the dollar! And he intends to do this (in companies with Russia and with the support of South Africa, India and Brazil) by transferring most of the world's payments for oil to the gold standard, not the dollar standard. According to US analysts, being translated into reality, such a move would be a complete and final catastrophe for Americas financial system, devaluing the green currency to unprecedented limits.

There are more than enough similar reasons for completely irreconcilable hostility between the two countries besides the three levels discussed above. And too many of them relate to those areas in which tension cannot be relieved by any reductions in duties or other similar concessions, both mutual and unilateral. Nor is Washington going to make any concessions  at least, judging by the aggressive anti-Chinese rhetoric of both Secretary of State Pompeo and President Trump. America, completely unlearned (and, more likely, never knew how) to negotiate, continues to make the same mistakes against China over and over again.

The underestimation of this truly great country, its misunderstanding, the stubborn unwillingness to see in it, at least, an equal opponent, have often played a cruel joke with the Americans. At whatever level the United States would not try to fight with China and further, they probably only had more frustrations and losses ahead of them.
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