New York firefighters demand a new investigation of 9/11, citing evidence of intentional demolition of buildings

New York firefighters demand a new investigation of 9/11, citing evidence of intentional demolition of buildings

The New York City Fire Commissioners called for a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, stating that they had "incontrovertible evidence" that the buildings before the fire and collapse were blown up by specially placed explosives inside.

The resolution of the firefighters was read aloud, unanimously adopted and approved by the meeting on July 24, 2019, in which the fire commissioners took part. It has already been dubbed as the project "True 9/11".

The firefighters' document says that the destruction of the three buildings of the World Trade Center came from an explosion of explosives previously laid in them.

By adopting the resolution, New York City fire officials went down in history, becoming the first legislature in the country to demand a new investigation into the causes of the September 2001 tragedy.

Commissioner Christopher Joya said: “We are a close-knit community and we will never forget our lost brothers and sisters. All fire cities are behind us and we are an irresistible force. We became the first fire district to adopt this resolution and we will not be the last.”

Immediately after the September tragedy in 2001, firefighters were the first to arrive at the site of the explosions to provide large-scale assistance to everyone who was under the rubble of buildings.

They were the first to record data that went against the official version, according to which civilian aircraft crashed into structures became the cause of the collapse of the buildings.

If with two buildings it was still possible to somehow believe it, then the third building collapsed on its own. Airplanes did not fall into it. However, it developed the same way as the two twin buildings.

For almost a week, firefighters searched for people, simultaneously recording and documenting all the circumstances of the tragedy that they discovered during the rescue operations.

Some of them died during the performance of their duties, others died later as a result of poisoning from smoke and harmful substances released at the scene of the tragedy from materials and debris.

After analyzing all the information collected at the crash site, firefighters, researchers and specialists made an unambiguous conclusion about the causes of the incident.

“The overwhelming amount of evidence presented in the mentioned petition demonstrates without a doubt that the destruction of the three buildings of the World Trade Center did not occur as a result of airplanes and subsequent fires entering them, but as a result of the explosion of pre-laid explosive and / or incendiary substances that provoked large-scale fires. It is these substances that caused the death of a huge number of people that day. "

Rescuers point out that "the victims of September 11, their families, New Yorkers and our nation deserve to be fully investigated for every crime associated with this tragic event, and that every guilty person is brought to justice."

“The Council of Fire Commissioners in Franklin Square and in Manson County fully supports a comprehensive investigation and prosecution of each crime related to the events of September 11, 2001, by the federal grand jury, and also requires the punishment of all who impede the investigation and disclosure of the whole truth regarding the events of that terrible day. "

This petition was sent to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York with a call to present the petition to a special grand jury in accordance with the US Constitution and 18 USC SS 3332 (A).

Recently, information has been received that the prosecutor agreed with the demand of firefighters, which means that a judicial investigation on this fact will soon begin in the United States. Earlier, firefighters were in every way prevented from raising the topic of the causes of the 11/09 tragedy, citing the inadmissibility of once again stirring up the tragic feelings of family members of the victims, but the firefighters turned out to be persistent fighters.

They secured the support of independent experts and specialists, as well as the opinions of relatives of the victims, who also demanded a formal investigation and punishment of the actual perpetrators.
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