World Sex Network. The Case of Friend Trump and Clinton

World Sex Network. The Case of Friend Trump and Clinton

Epstein with current US President Donald Trump in 1997

American financier and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of human trafficking, committed suicide in a prison cell in Manhattan.

Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, British Prince Andrew, former Prime Ministers of Great Britain and Israel Tony Blair and Ehud Barak, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman — this is an incomplete list of friends of the American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

On Saturday, August 10, a businessman was found dead in a prison cell in Manhattan, where he was awaiting trial. 66-year-old Epstein was accused of involving minors in prostitution and organizing an extensive international structure that involved young girls in sexual slavery.

With such accusations and friends around the death of Epstein immediately arose a mass of conspiracy theories.


Epstein was charged with trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. According to the investigation, in the period from 2002 to 2005, in his mansion, he harassed and sexually assaulted underage girls, paid them for sex, and forced them to be of the same age as him. The billionaire himself did not admit his guilt, stating that the alleged victims entered into contact with him voluntarily and that he thought that at that time they were over 18 years old.

The businessman has been in custody since early July — the court refused to release him on bail of $100 million, offered by lawyers.

One of the women who filed a lawsuit against Epstein claims that he kept her in captivity as a sex slave and forced her to have sex with seven men. Another plaintiff, Virginia Giuffre, claims that Epstein hired her to work as a masseuse at the age of 15, meeting her at the Donald Trump resort in Mar-a-Lago. After that, Giuffre was forced to have sex with Epstein. This scheme, according to the testimony of women who filed the lawsuit, was standard for Epstein.

Another witness claims that Prince Andrew, Duke of York, participated in group sex with her and Epstein. Charges against the duke have already been voiced; in 2015, Buckingham Palace stated that they were unfounded.

World Sex Network. The Case of Friend Trump and Clinton

Epstein and Prince Andrew

Not the first thing

More than ten years ago, Epstein was already a defendant in a similar case: he was threatened with several decades of imprisonment. But in 2008, he managed to make a deal with the investigation: he pleaded guilty to only one episode of involving a minor in prostitution and paid millions in compensation to dozens of alleged victims in civil lawsuits and was officially registered as a sex offender. In exchange for this, he received 13 months in prison.

The deal and the quick closure of the case caused a great resonance in American society — including because Epstein was a close acquaintance of influential people.

Alexander Acosta, who oversaw the deal with Epstein in 2008 as the prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida, has been Minister of Labor in the Donald Trump administration since February 2019. After Epstein’s arrest, he announced his resignation.

Strange coincidences

About two weeks ago, he already made a suicide attempt — then he was eventually found in the cell “in a semi-conscious state.”

After a suicide attempt in July, Epstein was under special surveillance. According to the instructions, prison guards were required to check Epstein every 30 minutes. However, according to Fox News, Epstein remained unattended for several hours before being discovered dead.

According to the Washington Post, the prisoner with whom Epstein shared his cell was transferred from her on Friday sometime before the incident. The reasons for this decision are unknown. It is also not clear why another prisoner was not hooked with Epstein.

The Department of Justice and the FBI have begun investigations into the death of the financier.

The day before Epstein’s death, hundreds of pages of court documents were published, including new details of allegations of sexual violence. In one of the cases described, the woman claimed that she was forced to have sex with influential friends of Epstein.

In an interview with CBS News, legal experts suggested that federal prosecutors would likely terminate the criminal investigation against Epstein because of his death.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom, representing the interests of several women in the case, told CBS that she intends to file a civil lawsuit against Epstein’s property.

Conspiracy theories

Most of the theories about Epstein's death relate to what politicians probably knew about his crimes, and many could wish for his death. This is not supported by any evidence, but on Saturday the hashtag #EpsteinMurder (#Epstein’s murder) became a worldwide trend on Twitter.

Comic pictures and memes appeared, hinting that there might not have been suicide, but there was a dramatization or a sophisticated contract murder. No wonder, a man who possessed information that could destroy rich and influential people dies in his cell. Epstein’s death is “too convenient” for those potentially affected by his testimony, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “Many of us would like to know what exactly he knew,” he told reporters. “How many more millionaires and billionaires participated in illegal actions with him?”

Many doubt that Epstein, who was found in a semi-conscious state with wounds in the neck a few weeks before his death, could physically commit suicide. Some media reported that after this incident in July, Epstein was placed under surveillance, and he did not have the opportunity to commit suicide.

“What kind of observation is this about monitoring potential suicides? Who was watching him?”, Personal lawyer of Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani wrote on Twitter. “Impossible to imagine,” so that Epstein could commit suicide in such circumstances, he adds.
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