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Facebook has blocked the zoodefenders account

Facebook has blocked the zoodefenders account

Since childhood, my friend Igor helped animals: he fed cats and dogs, attached them in good hands. As an adult, he organized a small shelter, where about 20 dogs and 30 cats reside permanently in the overexposure. He, naturally, exists at the expense of the help of caring people.

Until recently, there were no problems. In social networks, groups were created, where pictures of animals were placed, they were searched by their owners. Many VC, OK, Instagram users and Facebook users knew about the orphanage. He was helped by people from different cities, donating money and buying medicines.

In Facebook, a lot of foreigners joined Igor's group. Mental people tried to take care of animals, and not only financially. Marek was not too lazy to come from Warsaw specifically to pick up a stray dog. The family from Lappeenranta was going to come for a cat and a dog, but the connection with them was cut off. Facebook banned Igor's page, so the Finns could not contact the shelter.

Igor began writing technical support for the social network, but no result followed. He did not consider it necessary to answer. Apparently, Facebook is the norm — just throwing out users, without explaining anything to them.

Trying to find an answer to the question, Igor began to google and found that Facebook is massively blocking accounts all over the world. Many suffered from the mayhem of social networks in the Russian Federation. The West is waging an information war against Russia, so Russian-language accounts are blocked without explanation or explanation.

However, under the distribution of all fall, even the Americans. Facebook oppresses US Indians, banya their accounts for supposedly fake names. Strange. In the States, you should know that the Lonely Hill and the Brown-eyed Spear are typical Indian names. In America, many indigenous tribes are outraged by this outrage, so the Indians are suing Facebook.

The French teacher received a ban out of the blue. Placed in the social network erotic picture, his account was blocked. The teacher did not lose his head, sued and won the case. Interestingly, he did not even leave Paris, although, as a rule, most of the ships against Facebook are located in California, where the company's headquarters are located.

Igor is outraged by Facebook. He intends to apply to Roskomnadzor, because the shelter was legal and he constantly reported on his work. My friend hopes that the RKN will help restore justice.

Despite this, the situation forced Igor to think about whether Facebook is needed at all in Russia. This unreliable social network has already bothered everyone because of the personal data of users of the US special services, account blocking, censorship and total surveillance.

The #DeleteFacebook movement is gaining popularity on the Internet. People around the world are removing their pages from this social network, angered by the outrage of the company. Igor realized that they were doing the right thing — it is better to disown Facebook as quickly as possible. But before that you should sue and restore your accounts. Deletion should be a personal matter, not Facebook arbitrariness.
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