Kashmir: nuclear India and Pakistan on the brink of war

Kashmir: nuclear India and Pakistan on the brink of war

Pakistan and India have moved in the direction of nuclear war. The cause of this unpleasant situation — an old dispute about the status of Kashmir. And the reason for another aggravation was the Indian decision to cancel its special status.

Kashmir is an ancient mountain Kingdom located between the present India and Pakistan. The majority of the population there are Muslims, but in the power have always been Hindus. When British India was divided into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India, two new countries began to lay claim to Kashmir, the war began, and it was divided: 60% received India 30% Pakistan, 10% took China.

Kashmir: nuclear India and Pakistan on the brink of war

Kashmir was divided into three countries.

Since they are from time to time fought for these lands. Ceased when India, Pakistan, and China have nuclear missiles. But the problem has not disappeared, it passed into a latent form. The main headache Kashmir evoked in India, as local Muslims struggle for its separation and annexation to Pakistan. Then, I recall, most.

For decades, the capital of India New Delhi tried to pacify the Kashmiri Muslims. They were given all sorts of benefits and broad self-government — the special status of “Union territory”. In fact, this status means that no Central Indian law does not apply to the territory of Kashmir without the approval of the local Parliament. But local residents still had little.

Many of them continued to demand adherence to the neighboring country. And for reminders about their requirements from time to time Muslim extremists have staged attacks. This business decided to cease the current Prime Minister of India — a devout Hindu Narendra Modi.

Kashmir: nuclear India and Pakistan on the brink of war

The current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

In May, he triumphantly won the General election, promising the hardest to deal with the Muslims, whom all over India more than 160 million people. The main points of his program — to restore order in Kashmir.

A couple of months he was ready, and now, in August, launched its plan of action. Monday in Indian Kashmir, authorities cut off telephone and Internet services, imposed a curfew, increased police and military presence.

Immediately after this, the government of India has repealed article 340 of the Constitution, which guaranteed the Kashmir government. And took away its special status and administratively divided into two parts. Local politicians-Muslims, who could be against these reforms, the government of India arrested and isolated.

Muslims make up the majority of inhabitants of the Indian state, extremely dissatisfied. They believe that the Hindu radicals who are in power in New Delhi, it will not stop and will try to squeeze them out. And you know, probably, these fears are not in vain. The government of India is going to lift the ban on the sale of land and property in Kashmir to people from other parts of the country.

Kashmir: nuclear India and Pakistan on the brink of war

What is happening in the Indian state where communication is disabled and blocked roads.

Due to this prohibition for the last 70 years in this region have maintained the Muslim majority. As soon as the house and the land there will be able to buy the Hindus from other regions of the country and the government of India, the demographics here will change.

India could go the way of neighboring China, which is actively and quite unceremoniously pushes Muslims from Xinjiang, planting discontented in the camp. Or towards Myanmar, which was thrown out by the violence of their Muslim Rohingya in Bangladesh.

The present government of India has repeatedly shown that quite calmly to the pogroms against Muslims, which occur throughout the country. So if they start to squeeze from the troubled state, new Delhi with great joy to help this process.

Practically, this means that Kashmir will soon cease to be Muslim, then Pakistan can ever forget about this site. The Pakistanis, of course, very unhappy. They are expelled from your country the Indian high Commissioner (the equivalent of Ambassador), stopped any trade with India and pull together troops to the border.

Kashmir: nuclear India and Pakistan on the brink of war

Pakistan can forever forget about this territory

Pakistani politicians call action India “racism” and “ethnic cleansing”. They promise to do everything possible to protect their coreligionists in Kashmir. While the ordinary people of Pakistan go insane with rage.

Local people mainly radical Muslims. They consider Hindus as polytheists whose religion not only allows but encourages killing. According to Islam, polytheist — is the worst criminal and a villain.

In Pakistan are already demonstrating with the requirements of the most severely punish India. In fact, these people do not see anything terrible in that, to strike at Delhi's nuclear missile. Moreover, they believe the idea is just great.

Uneducated and poor Hindus in India about the same I think about Muslims and Pakistanis. So now both governments will be under powerful pressure from their constituents. And those and others will require “show gruel” eternal opponents.

Under normal conditions in Islamabad and New Delhi immediately flew to us Secretary of state. He would have tried to somehow reassure both partners of the United States and not allow them to start a nuclear war. But now the US President is Donald Trump and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Both of this gentleman, in my opinion, are the fools that have their heads in the sawdust. They know nothing about South Asian politics and know absolutely nothing about Kashmir. No other country can influence India and Pakistan can not.

I dream that the good sense prevails and the two parts of former British India would not use against each other weapons, including nuclear. Well, if they still dare to nuclear war, it will suffer from this whole world. It's not even in the hundreds of millions of refugees and radiation contamination of the entire planet, and hunger.

The simultaneous use of dozens of nuclear warheads will rise to a height of about 40 kilometers a huge amount of the finest dust. It will reduce the transparency of the atmosphere of our planet, which will lead to a lack of sunlight and severe cold. Being failed crops, very many plants will simply die.

No other country can influence India and Pakistan can't.

Nuclear winter will last several years as the dust that will fly above the clouds. There she will not belong to get wet and fall to the ground. It is expected that within several years from the ensuing die of hunger, about half of the inhabitants of the Earth. So let's hope that they all somehow agree on the solution to their problems peacefully.
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