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Kerch. What's next?

Kerch. What's next?

Even the most desperate optimists had no special illusions about the reaction of Western countries to the Sunday incident in the Kerch Strait. So it turned out.

The West reacted predictably and, as, of course, hoped in Kiev, unanimously condemned Moscow for actions leading to a further increase in tensions between Russia and Ukraine. However, one should think that the level of condemnation and the intensity of the reaction of the leadership of Ukraine unpleasantly surprised.

Surely in Kiev they hoped that as early as Monday morning they would start expelling Russian diplomats from the capitals of European states and Washington, as was the case with the poisoning of Skripale; either they will declare «hellish” sanctions against Russia, or they will come up with something else, even worse. By the way, the expulsion of diplomats is theoretically quite possible. As for the sanctions, it is possible to erroneously assume that the new sanctions against Russia in connection with the incident in the Kerch Strait will be taken sooner or later, but not because in Washington and Brussels they are fighting for Ukraine, but for a simple reason: in Europe, and especially in America, the authorities have already, as they say, bit the bit and cannot simply stop.

Therefore, analyzing the first reaction of the West to the Sunday events in the Kerch Strait, one should look at the reaction of the officials and of course, first of all, the leaders of the most developed countries. If with the position of third-ranking officials, for example, at the level of permanent representatives at the UN type Niki Haley, who uses any, even the most insignificant reason, and often and without any reason falls on Moscow and its aggressive policy, here Kiev is all right. The most „democratic“ Western members of the Security Council, headed by Hayley, of course, thwarted Russia's proposal to discuss the incident at a Security Council meeting and thereby caused a storm of applause in Kiev.

However, the reaction of officials of the second rank, for example, the foreign ministers of Western countries, the Ukrainian authorities, who organized the provocation, certainly disappointed. Foreign ministers of major European countries and the United States, of course, expressed concern about the outbreak of tension. They expressed support for Ukraine and urged Moscow to return the detained boats and tugboats to Kiev, as well as to release the Ukrainian sailors.

Even worse (from the point of view of Kiev), the leaders of the main countries of the Western world responded. Angela Merkel, for example, even talked with the Ukrainian president Poroshenko on the phone and promised to do her best to try to defuse the situation around the Sea of Azov, but this, apparently, limited herself. No angry condemnation of the „aggressor“, which, of course, hoped Petr Poroshenko; no threats to Moscow and ultimatums.

Instead of stigmatizing Russia, Germany offered its mediation to Paris in resolving the conflict. German Foreign Minister Heike Maas invited diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France to Berlin to discuss everything in a relaxed atmosphere.

But most likely, Kiev was probably disappointed by the „main friend of Ukraine,” US President Donald Trump. The American leader stressed that America, just like Europe, is unhappy with the aggravation of relations between Russia and Ukraine, and expressed the hope that the problem will be solved.

„We are all working together on this," — said Mr. Trump in an interview with journalists.

Such a „sluggish“, and according to the Ukrainians, the «no“ reaction of President Trump suggests that, despite the pressure of numerous American hawks demanding severe punishment of Moscow, Donald Trump does not seem to be about to cancel the meeting Aires at the G-20 summit, which will be held November 30-December 1. Of course, up to 30 even two whole days, and Trump, who is changeable in his «inconstant“ character, may change his mind several times. But on the other hand, now he seems intent on meeting with Vladimir Putin, because otherwise the tone of his comments on the incident in the Kerch Strait would be an order of magnitude tougher.
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