Future World Chinese Hegemony

Future World Chinese Hegemony

The end of the era of past times has become obvious. And not only in terms of confronting ideological systems, but also the Eurocentric model of civilization as a whole. As the famous British story Liddell Harth used to say in such cases, the thick gray fog of the war is dragging everything. The US with the role of the top of the world obviously can not cope. Europe mentally exhausted at all and became the main object of economic colonization. There is a rebuilding of the global world order, in which much will be wrong and the leader will definitely change. In its place with all possible speed is China. And in this new world, Russia should find a worthy place.

According to some commentators, the validity of such assumptions is confirmed by the changes in the policy of the Chinese government, which speaks more and more openly about the “Chinese globalization” and claims to the unconditional geopolitical leadership of the PRC.

And the basis of everything is still the same capitalism, but it manifests itself in a somewhat unusual role. Refusing to strictly follow the tenets of communism and allowing private property, the Red Dragon eventually lost control of the money and now has only to follow it. And they, according to the law of capitalism, supposedly opened by Marx, strive to go where labor is cheaper and the rate of profit is higher, that is, in the colony. What kind of makes the present Celestial Kingdom relate to North America during its youth?

Of course, all this has its own reasons, but in general we have to admit that the process is going very differently. And most importantly, China does not want to become a planetary hegemon. On the contrary, he actively opposes this tendency, but to resist the processes of a planetary scale turns out to be above his forces.

The theory of capitalism is truly universal. In the sense that it is absolutely equally suitable for Western Europe, for Central Africa, and for Asia with Oceania. Fundamental processes are about the same everywhere. However, at the same time, the economic plane is not at all the only foundation of all being, it is only one of the faces interacting with the rest. Including, with ethnocultural features. It was they who generated that unique Chinese model that many admire, but few understand.

Although there are quite a lot of Chinese outside the world, in some countries they even constitute a significant proportion of the population (78% in Singapore, 24.6% in Malaysia), in America, Europe and Asia, Chinese immigrants (in China they are called Huaqiao) live only 40 million people, while in China itself - 1.43 billion. And most importantly, although their country is ethnically similar to Russia (the nation consists of almost fifty fairly different nationalities, but with a dominant ethnic group), it turns out that the Chinese there can be only Chinese and can not come from any other ethnic cheskoy group.

And so it was always that predetermined the formation of a psychologically sufficiently closed culture, oriented, first of all, inward. No, they are happy to take and use all the interesting things from the outside world, but do not take over, but rather just put them on the shelf, like we have Chinese caskets or bowls.

This is where the problem comes from. Traditionally, China has always developed slowly and focused almost exclusively on its own resources. Of course, he always knew how to trade, but capital inflows were not associated with the need for expansion. With all the wealth of the Silk Road, the country has remained poor for centuries, often to the extreme. What predetermined many of the basic elements of their culture. For example, a very specific attitude to the concept of individual rights. This person in Europe was considered the center of all things and was endowed with rights; in China, an individual Chinese is just another person among millions of others.

It is possible to maintain order in such a society only within the framework of a very strongly centralized, sometimes even openly totalitarian state. But not directly pyramid, as in Europe, but rather rigidly conformist, with a lot of different supervisory boards, which at the same time do not specifically decide anything, but at the same time try to ignore their opinion, you will immediately find out how much a pound of valor.

European colonization of Asia has largely destroyed the sacredness of the mechanism of formation and implementation of power in the system of self-government of the society. Previously, there was a god who arranged it this way, but then strange people came with gold and guns and showed that the higher forces could not stop them.

Another issue is that, having become a factory of the world, the Celestial Empire turned out to be critically involved in processes that stretch beyond its borders. This is because, in one way or another, at least one third of the industrial potential and at least one fifth of the labor force is tied up for export, and because of the need to export capital.

The first forces one to look for ways to increase the reliability of providing the economy with raw materials and energy carriers. Because Chinese companies are so hard to climb to Africa and in general everywhere, where you can stake out deposits of natural resources. Including, by the way, in the Arctic.

The former also forces the use of capital to ensure the stability of the market. That is why Beijing is so widely and concessional around the world credits infrastructure projects, at a ridiculous percentage, but with the obligatory condition of using only Chinese materials, equipment and labor.

Whereas the second predetermines the interest of the red oligarchs in the large-scale purchase of Western technological companies. They have nowhere to go. There is an urgent need to reduce the scientific and technical gap with the West as a fundamental pledge, including national security, and Europeans and Americans do not give access to technological innovations to good ones.

It is easy to see that what is happening is not very similar to the Western understanding of foreign economic expansion, where the motive is exclusively profit, and the tool is the seizure of political power in the colonies.

It is with this that the Chinese ruling elite has the biggest problem. They do not want any geopolitical domination of the PRC on the planet, since they understand the indissolubly associated need to take responsibility for all the internal problems of the colonial territories. Otherwise, they will inevitably have to be somehow integrated into the common cultural and state space of China itself. In this case, the metropolis will simply break, as was the case with all the colonial empires of the past. And how to integrate - nobody knows. Moreover, even within the framework, mentally different peoples of Asia are not very strongly interconnected. What can we say about the Middle East, the Caucasus, Africa and quite far from China in the distant western world!

In this sense, the Red Dragon was more than satisfied with the Pax Americana system, where the United States and the European Union were responsible for all the problems of the planet, and China simply traded, without interfering in political processes. But, alas, I had to invest too much money abroad and this created a spontaneous chain of problems.

Investment is required to protect. It turns out too many people who want money just to press. Sometimes blatantly blatantly. If in ancient times, power guarantees were personalized in the person of land owners (feudal lords, kings), then today the model of impersonal democracy dominates everywhere.

Even the most omnipotent president of the United States, upon the expiration of his term of office, automatically becomes just as ordinary a citizen as any Brooklyn homeless person. It is clear that with amendments to the money and reservations in touch, but in general, at the level of legal concepts, this is the case. He is no longer responsible for the decisions taken at the post. Which, by the way, allows you to conveniently shift the blame on your predecessors, which Trump is very actively using today.

The mechanism of western geopolitical expansion is based on this. To pick up other people's money, you simply need to make a change of local government personnel to specially selected or more compliant ones. This is done through absolutely democratic free elections on behalf of the people. Further, the new authorities are already adopting new laws and ... profit. Seeing how easy and shameless the West, and now specifically the United States, is using this “democratic technology”, Beijing simply has no other option. He is forced to look for ways, including the enforcement of capital protection abroad.

And physically, China is still not completely ready for this. Modernization of the army and most importantly - the fleet will require at least 10-15 years, after which it would be possible to think about foreign bases and generally estimate the concept of "Chinese space", but the dynamics of the current development of events forces the Celestial Empire to accelerate very strongly. Often forcing to action literally on the verge of understanding.

An example of this is the global project “Belts and Paths”, which fit perfectly into the stable world of Western domination, but today it turns out to be a strong irritant for everyone. Moreover, the collapse of the global single economic space into closed, self-sufficient clusters in general raises the question of its expediency, and even the implementation itself. Even only in the direction of Europe. Having lost access to American markets, it will be forced to close its markets for China. So, why spend money on roads, on which goods will not go? In addition, the other day, Washington voiced an ultimatum to Eastern European countries that dreamed of making money on the Sino-European transit.

But at the same time, the West itself is no longer able to dominate the planet. The former construction of power and economy collapses under its own weight. There is a strong vacuum in which China sucks. For the money.
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