Claims against Facebook. How Americans are fighting against social media censorship

Claims against Facebook. How Americans are fighting against social media censorship

Political censorship is being revived thanks to US geopolitical ambitions. Social networks, designed to become a platform for communication of people from all over the world, a place where there are no prejudices, political and other propaganda, are transformed by the American intelligence services and their obedient IT-puppets into the latrine of the global network.

Facebook management follows the instructions of the CIA and NSA to block user accounts on social networks that they have recognized as unreliable. Evidence they do not need. The administration arbitrarily blocks accounts not only in the States and Russia, but throughout the world, being a tool of special services in the information war against our country. People did not tolerate the terror of the company and lawsuits began to be brought to the courts.

Only yesterday, the FB administration deleted 82 pages, groups, and user accounts for a contrived reason, stating that they were hiding reliable information about themselves and are in fact connected with Iran. With the wording for “misbehavior”, the owners were banned, accusing of wanting to influence the Americans and the British. Political censorship in all its glory: the messages did not like, came up with a reason and blocked.

The security services, who gave the Sixs an order to block, are dissatisfied with the posts of the Americans, who evaluated the activities of Donald Trump. The statement, which recorded a split in the country, they perceived with indignation. Only censorship will not help change attitudes in society.

How can you not remember about other negative phenomena in the US political bureau in addition to censorship. This is lobbying and corruption. It is no secret that lobbying in the highest echelons of power in the States is already an established practice. Legally, it is justified by the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right to freedom of speech and the possibility of appeal to Congress. Large corporations so justify their intervention in government and lawmaking.

Another issue is that ordinary citizens of the United States were arbitrarily denied the special services of this right and were outraged. Facebook administration actions violate the First Amendment. So they tried to influence the past presidential elections in the country.

It continues now. So, the company “cleaned up” the social network in October, removing 810 pages and accounts, accusing them of misinformation and spam. Earlier, in August, the company deleted 652 pages related, in its opinion, to Iran.

As for Russia, blocking accounts of Russian politicians, bureaucrats, the media, community activists and organizations has become commonplace for the social network. Thus, the Federal News Agency, economist Mikhail Delyagin, VGTRK journalist Andrei Medvedev and others have suffered from censorship and terror of the “Zuckerberg brainchild”. By the way, the lawsuit is filed in court.

Judicial practice to counteract the illegal actions of the company has already accumulated a fair amount. So, in 2010 in Maryland, a certain Karen Beth Young sued Facebook for blocking her social network account. She did not just communicate with people, but also created a group dedicated to the fight against cancer. A few months later it was blocked. Young did not tolerate and urged the company to answer.

Native Americans also faced the arbitrariness of a company that had blocked their Facebook page for no reason in 2015. Like, their identity is not determined, therefore in the ban. In Australia and France, they also appealed to the courts, demanding to recognize the actions of the administration of the social network as illegal and to restore their violated rights. These claims are satisfied.

Mark Zuckerberg did not hide the fact that the US authorities and special services are using his company as a tool to control information. He stated that the deletion of accounts from Russia was carried out jointly.

And there is a reason for this. Facebook is a project of the CIA, while closely cooperating with the NSA, simultaneously “merging” the secret services with the personal information of users. The company employs their employees. So, now in California scored a new team on political censorship, placing it in Menlo Park. There are twenty experts in the field of analytics and programming.

Naturally, about any freedom of speech, even now there is no question. The social network from the platform for discussions and communication has transformed into an obedient "snitch" of US intelligence agencies, ready to ban anyone who disagrees with the policies of Washington and collects compromising materials on users. The most reasonable thing to do in such a situation is to get out of this system. Let Zuckerberg, the CIA, the NSA and other degradants in the States stew in their own juice. In Russia, their control will be zero.
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