Brussels decided the fate of May

Brussels decided the fate of May

The European Union rejected a key proposal from the British premier of Theresa May on Brexit. According to The Sunday Times, Brussels rejected Londons proposal to create an independent mechanism to resolve customs disputes, inviting Britain to apply to the European Court in the event of problems.

This is not only completely contrary to the understanding of May, and especially her critics of what should be Brexit. It also means that the border between the Republic of Ireland and Ulster, which is part of the United Kingdom, will be hard, which can lead not only to a breakdown in economic ties between the two parts of Ireland, but also to reanimation of the Irish problem. Irish separatists in the north largely abandoned their struggle to unite with Ireland, because they were de facto with it in one state - the EU. What with the release of Britain from the EU on March 29, 2019 will not be.

What does the intransigence of Brussels mean to May?

Brusselss acceptance of Londons conditions for an independent mechanism had a chance to pacify some critics of May and gave certain chances for the British prime ministers political survival, which four ministers of her government would fail in negotiations with the EU to resign. If the EU had yielded, saving London from the costs of membership, but retaining most of the advantages for the British (and May and Co. were counting on just such an option), then its opponents among the conservatives would consider it unacceptable for them to drown their prime minister when British, it seems, to get divorced from the EU have already changed their mind.

May still strongly opposes the re-referendum on Brexit, which is demanded by Laborites and is being pursued by NGOs funded by George Soros.

The opposite would mean losing her face. However, May certainly will not assume the consequences of a catastrophic break with the EU without reaching key agreements on how to live on. And she will be forced to announce early elections herself in order to make them actually a repeated Brexit referendum.

What changed?

In other words, if yesterday the fate of the current British prime minister depended primarily on a group of critical party members led by ex-foreign minister Boris Johnson, who barely kept themselves from giving Mee a chance at the last party congress, then today it depends mainly from ... the calendar. At the end of November, as a last resort, in the middle of December this is the deadline for concluding or not concluding a deal with the EU the corresponding sentence will be announced. And in any case, it will mean early elections. Londons claims that 95% of the total volume of the agreement with the EU has been agreed are worth nothing without the last 5%. It depends on them whether this agreement will be reached or not.

The double guarantee that this will be the case is the intention of the part of the conservatives and members of the power of the Democratic Unionist Party sharing with them to vote, according to The Telegraph newspaper, against the May plan for Brexit, which they consider it a drain.

I really can't believe it, but it seems that this government is on the verge of giving up completely. With each passing day, it seems that we are becoming more cowardly, Johnson wrote in his article in The Telegraph. He and his supporters are convinced that May has already made many unacceptable concessions to Brussels, and Brexit is not at all the one for which they fought and which was originally planned. Not only that, it can get worse.

Summing up

The conflict within the Conservative Party, coupled with the actual problems of exit from the EU, which was not foreseen when it was created, and that it would hurt everyone, but especially the British, makes May's position hopeless. Any step in her will launch a process in the coming weeks that will lead to early elections and the possible victory of the Laborites. Not only those who usually vote will vote for them, but also all those who do not want Britain to leave the EU. Brussels is also unlikely to want to look like the losing party in a dispute with London.

On the contrary, his task is to show everyone who is thinking about leaving the EU, for example, Poland, how painful this process will be for them, even if Britain cannot count on indulgence. For decades, London has been a brake on European integration, disrupting the creation of the European Army, which has been talked about for almost half a century. The EU will also suffer losses due to Brexit, but strategically it will only benefit. In addition, Brussels, not being able to avenge Washingtons numerous humiliations, will not deny itself the pleasure of recouping its Anglo-Saxon younger brother. All this we will see in the coming weeks.
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