Billionaires are preparing an orange revolution against Trump

Billionaires are preparing an orange revolution against Trump

Maidan technologies invented in the USA, intended for organizing coups abroad, are now being tested in the United States themselves - against their current leadership. It is planned to use the multi-thousand "migrant caravan", moving to the southern border of the country, as "on-travel". There is evidence that behind this attempt to strike Trump is none other than George Soros.

A tricky trap awaits before the midterm congressional elections (which will be held on November 6) of the US President and the Republican Party. On the eve of the voting day, a caravan of migrants will approach the southern border of the USA. Thousands of people will literally storm the border and make their way into the country.

Trump warned in advance that he would guard the border with the help of the army. However, in this case at a low start there are already journalists. They covered the movement of the caravan from Honduras to the north with exceptional sympathy. It is not difficult to imagine how these professionals of the pen and propaganda will serve clashes of military and migrants on the Mexican-American border. In their description, Trump and the Republicans will be the embodiment of evil for American voters.

In the near term election campaign, beating up babies at the border will bring points to the Democratic Party - its representatives will defiantly pity migrants and violently resent the cruelty of the military, while its supporters will go to vote more actively. In the long run, the oppression of migrants will be an excellent informational reason for the possible impeachment of Trump. The touching photos with crying children and soldiers beating up migrants will fit in as material evidence. If the president does not dare to give an order and disperse illegal immigrants at the border, he will lose face in the eyes of his supporters. Republican voters will be disappointed and will not vote for them. Trump will look like a miserable weakling who cannot fulfill his direct constitutional duty to protect the country's border.

This technology is extremely reminiscent of the "fork", which at one time was delivered to Viktor Yanukovych - either to allow the Maidan crowd to seize power in Ukraine, or to become a monster, offending "onizhedetey" Today, the same Maidan technology prepared for Donald Trump. And the role of "onizhedetey" successfully performed "caravan of migrants."

Initially, the American - and after them the world - media outlets positioned this caravan as a kind of spontaneous procession of disadvantaged Hondurans. However, it quickly became apparent that someone carefully organizing and leading this great migration of peoples.

This is not the first "caravan of migrants." The technology began to work out in the spring. In April, a crowd of several hundred illegal immigrants approached the southern US border and attempted to storm the border. Just like today, President Trump threatened Mexico to cancel the NAFTA trade agreement, promised sanctions to Honduras, planned to call the army. A big slaughter was scheduled to coincide with Easter - it was assumed that the struggle of migrants with the American army on Bright Sunday would move the hearts of Latin American Catholics.

That time a big slaughter was avoided. Some of the migrants chose, without entering into direct clashes with the police, to cross the border by secret paths. The part filed applications in all form. The journalists filmed several touching plots with crying children, exhausted women and harsh border guards. It all looked like a rehearsal.

The current migrant caravan was formed in Honduras on October 13. Initially, it consisted of only 1300 people. The organizer of the "run" was an international NGO with an incomprehensible origin and muddy funding called "People without Borders". Representatives of NGOs escorted the thousandth crowd to the north and helped cross state borders. One of the leaders of People without Borders, Rodrigo Abeha, told reporters that the march of migrants is a metaphor for the Way of the Cross of Christ. The caravan should refer to popular religious processions that Latin American Catholics like to arrange.

According to the idea of People without Borders, the participants of the caravan were to provide themselves with food, water and transport. However, the crowd grew rapidly. Today, according to various estimates, it has from five to seven thousand people.

Where do these poor people take money for their multi-day journey? The official legend says that they are fed for free by local residents. However, people in small Guatemalan and Mexican towns, through which the caravan route lies, live very poorly themselves. Even if they wished, they could not feed such a mob. The other day, the US representative in the first district of the state of Florida Matt Gaets published a video where some men in identical white T-shirts and black pants hand out cash to participants of the migrant caravan. Where does the money come from? - Gaets asked in his Twitter. - Soros? American NGOs? It's time to find the source.

Virtually the entire American press stood up for the migrants and criticized Gayets. However, no one explained how the crowd of disadvantaged people managed to overcome a huge distance, to go through Honduras, Guatemala, part of Mexico and not die of hunger and thirst.

Mysteriously fared on the border of Guatemala and Mexico. On October 19, the "caravan" moved to storm the border across the bridge. On the bridge, they were met by armed Mexican border guards in body armor. They sprayed pepper gas. The migrants retreated and regrouped.

The next day, most of the illegal immigrants broke into small groups, left the bridge and began to swim the river by swimming - on tires and improvised rafts. No one stopped them. The smaller part went the legal way - and the border guards freely let them into Mexico, issuing 45-day tourist visas. Reunited, the "caravan" moved further north.

All the way, migrants are accompanied by American reporters. They publish endless articles describing the terrible abuse that they have been subjected to in Honduras. This is really one of the poorest countries in the world, and crime there is off scale. However, there is no civil war there, which means that Honduran citizens cannot claim legal asylum in the United States.

However, the overwhelming majority of the participants in the caravan frankly said in an interview that they were trying to break through to the USA in order to find a job. This is a pure economic migrants, who are so disliked by the American "blue collar" because they take away their jobs, agreeing to work literally for food.

Donald Trump has already realized the threat posed by the "caravan". He not only plans to call the military to the Mexican border, but also leads counter-propaganda - for example, recalls the statistics of crimes that migrants from Latin America commit to the US.

However, all the presidents reasoning simply cannot compete with the highly professional opuses of journalists accompanying the caravan. This is how the report in the Washington Post begins epically: Standing among children, their mothers and LGBT teenagers walking across Mexico to the American border, Rodrigo Abeha, leader of People without Borders, simply could not believe that President Donald Trump considered these people dangerous. "

The photographs show that among the participants of the caravan there are enough young men, and even among adolescents, not all belong to the LGBT community, but the image of the oppressed minority has already been formed. The democratic public is looking forward to when this crowd of accidents will approach the US border, where the ruthless US military will begin to oppress it.

It is not known whether the caravan really feeds the master of orange revolutions George Soros. However, even without him, there are enough wealthy people in the United States that President Trump clearly interferes with. The same newspaper The Washington Post owns the richest man in the world, the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Trump sharply criticizes him, considers him to be the culprit of the fact that America loses jobs and industries, and also regularly tries to collect taxes from his Irish corporation. Naturally, Bezos and his media will throw the president in the most exotic ways.

Another informational sponsor of the Caravan of Migrants is Comcasts owner Brian Roberts. Comcast is not only an operator of cable TV and the Internet. The corporation owns Universal Studios, beloved by Netflix, and has numerous television channels, including NBC. Roberts is regularly criticized for harsh business practices and attempts to monopolize the entire cable TV and Internet market. His Comcast has the dubious title of "worst company of the year" in the opinion of consumers.

However, while Roberts was President Obamas best friend and golf partner, his business was going great. He practically took over the maintenance of the Democratic Party and every year spent millions of dollars on lobbying for their interests. Under Trump, things got worse. Roberts could not manage to acquire the Lionsgate film studio, finally monopolizing the production and distribution of content. No wonder that NBC News belonging to him is releasing touching reports about the "caravan of migrants."

In general, the caravan of migrants is led and used for their own purposes by extremely rich and powerful people. The world is watching with interest, as at least one production - the production of orange revolutions - has finally returned to its homeland, in the USA. Representatives of the deep state are seriously counting on Maidan technology to overthrow the president of their own country.
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