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The American elite has a unique problem

The American elite has a unique problem

The struggle of the American elite with Donald Trump will soon move on to a new stage  the roll call begins of those who want to come forward against him in the 2020 elections. And it is very likely that, as a result, the Democratic Party will put forward a candidate who will be almost 80 years old against Trump. Why would she do this and what will America lead to?

Having failed to drive Trump into a corner in two years and invent at least some basis for impeachment, the elite who hate him are preparing to try to remove him from office by legal means  through elections. Although they are still 21 months old, the campaign should traditionally begin this summer  by that time presidential candidates will make official statements about their nomination.

But taking into account the peculiarities of the current elections  Trump is the most hated US president in the history of the elite  the campaign may start earlier. It is very likely that already at the beginning of spring, that is, in a month and a half, the democrats and independent candidates who wish to give battle to Trump will begin to fight.

There will be no real battle inside the Republican Party  that is, Trump, of course, will be challenged by some senator (and maybe from heavyweights) and some billionaire, but they have no chance to win the internal primaries. The absolute majority of Republicans for Trump, so that the real candidate will be only a candidate from the Democrats.

There is, of course, a variant with the appearance of an independent candidate  some super popular businessman or TV star  but he is extremely disadvantageous to the democrats. Therefore, recent statements by billionaire Howard Schulz, the owner of the Strabax chain of coffee houses, that he is thinking about his nomination as an independent candidate, have terrified the Democrats.

So all the stars and billionaires will be strictly directed to go to the elections through the Democratic Party  and there is hardly any other freezing and non-systemic person (like Trump) among them to disobey and go against the party line. There is only one option in which it is the nomination of an independent candidate that will become the main stake of the elite, that is, the non-partisan establishment  the very Washington swamp that promised to drain Trump, but which in response suited him a witch hunt in the form of a case of Russians connections.

This is an option for the elites to lose control over the democratic party  that is, if the same thing happens to the Democrats in 2020 as it did to the Republicans in 2016: a non-systemic and unsatisfying candidate will emerge from them. Then there will be a unique situation, and the real owners of America can bet on the one who will go to the polls as an independent candidate, the so-called independent candidate. But can the establishment lose control over the second batch  that is, allow the nomination of a non-systemic candidate? Completely, after all, this almost happened in 2016.

Then the Americans had to choose between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

And only with the help of frank manipulations it was possible to ensure the nomination from the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton. Senator Sanders, with his independent position and social democratic views, categorically did not suit the establishment. Especially against the background of the seizure of the Republican Party, which by the spring of 2016 was made by Donald Trump, guaranteeing himself an nomination from the elephants. The victory of the establishment over Sanders was Pyrrhic  Clinton lost the November election.

And now the democratic establishment finds itself in a situation of deja vu  again elections, again as a contender to Trump. And again there is Sanders, who is still being liked more and more by the left-wing ordinary democrats, especially the youth. If Sanders decides to move forward, then he can be stopped only in the same way as in 2016  with the help of manipulations and violations.

But the Democratic Party will not survive the second such violence in a row. Already after 2016, the premonition of a split was brewing, and in the case of repetition of manipulations, the Democrats will not survive the year of 2020 as a whole.And most importantly  for what to push Sanders? Who to push?

The list of possible candidates from the establishment is already clear  all of these are honored veterans of the democratic movement. This is former Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Both of them have said neither yes nor no, but even if Clinton decides to stand as a candidate, her nomination from the Democratic Party is absolutely impossible. It would be a conscious suicide  Clinton would not only lose the election, but also ruin the party.

Joe Biden recently promised to announce his decision soon. In 2016, he decided not to nominate, not to join the internal party struggle with Clinton  although he wanted to, and many in the establishment believed that he would be the best candidate. If he now announces his participation, it will immediately make him a favorite in the eyes of the anti-Trump elites  he was not afraid, he challenged the Putin's henchman. Plums are already beginning to indicate that allegedly the White House is most afraid of Biden.

So, on Thursday, Axios correspondent Jonathan Swan reported that, allegedly last week, Donald Trump asked his friends and advisers about who would be his most serious contender in the next presidential election in 2020, and some of them called Joe Biden as the most serious threat for re-election. Because it is he who, in their opinion, can press the position of Trump in the Rusty Belt  the American industrial region, thanks to the victory in which the billionaire and became president.

But the opinion of consultants will not change the position of Trump himself, who has repeatedly called Biden his most convenient rival:

I dream, I dream of Biden, this is a dream. Just pay attention: Joe Biden ran for three times, but never gained more than one percent support. President Obama took him literally from the garbage heap and gave him the post, and then it shocked everyone, Trump said, for example, last year.

Indeed, Biden tried to nominate three times from the Democrats (the first time back in 1984) and lost all the time. He will lose in 2020  the Americans are really tired of the candidates from the establishment, the embodiment of which is the long-term inhabitant of the Washington swamp Biden. And after the start of the Tramp anti-elite revolution, it was stupid to push a person like Biden against a non-systemic president.

And the most indicative is that in two weeks after the 2020 elections, Biden will turn 78 years old. In general, it is very symbolic that the Democrats have all the possible candidates  overgrown. The oldest, by the way, is Bernie Sanders  he will be 79 by the time of the election. But at least he is not a system, and he is young for him.

Hillary Clinton turns 73, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a popular member of the left wing of the Democratic Party, 70. Does not rule out his repeated participation in the presidential election and John Kerry, who lost to Bush Jr. in 2004 (who later worked as Obamas state secretary) 77.

Yes, and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who was going to exhibit back in 2016, will mark his 78th birthday for the next election. There is, of course, super popular TV host Oprah Winfrey, which some puppeteers want to put up against Trump, but even she will knock 67 in January 2021.

The democratic establishment understands this problem, but, perhaps, thinks that, against the background of 74-year-old Trump, by that time, his candidate will not look so old. Alas, the problem of candidates from the elite is not at their age, but in the fact that they really have nothing to offer America.

And America itself is damn tired of them  and their age only underlines the fact that the country is on the verge of a change of ages. And the fact that the elite cannot find young fighters suggests that this change may well become revolutionary  that is, the Washington marshland will have to dry up in fire order.
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