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Baghdad: If the US troops do not leave, they will be destroyed

150 thousand Iraqi fighters are waiting for an order to kill 5,200 American soldiers

Baghdad: If the US troops do not leave, they will be destroyed

In the photo: soldiers of the Iraqi army

On January 28, 2019, a respected Iraqi politician, Al-Hazali, said bluntly that his state was ready to destroy American troops on its territory if Washington did not comply with the requirement of local lawmakers to leave the country when a decision was made. His words are quoted by the Associated Press: I think more than half of the members of parliament reject the presence of US forces in principle.

This happened after several Iraqi news channels reported at once that as a result of an airstrike of the United States in the province of Anbar near Sarsar Lake, at least 30 Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi fighters were killed. This, incidentally, is about the Forces of the popular mobilization of Iraq, a military-political organization that is gaining enormous popularity among the predominant Shiite population of the country.

The American side, and part of the army leadership of Iraq, educated in the United States, rushed to refute this message, saying that a detailed investigation did not find those responsible for the US Air Force. However, in Mesopotamia, few people doubt the involvement of the Americans in the treacherous bombing strike. Moreover, many Iraqis have witnessed the unmotivated violence of the liberators.

Let's say more: the situation with the war crimes in Iraq has reached such a level that even in the United States are forced to respond to the criticism of human rights activists. In particular, a lawsuit was launched in San Diego on these days against the fur seal Edward R. Gallagher, who boasted that he had personally killed 200 Iraqis. According to the investigators, he finished three people a day to do good math.

Gallaghers confirmed victims include a wounded child, an allegedly juvenile Islamic State fighter *, to whom the brave soldier stabbed him in the throat in May 2017 during an operation in Iraqs Mosul. It seems that the US Department of Defense wanted to hide the ends in the water, but the crime got a wide response. The lawyers of the serial killer in the fur seal uniform who had seen him in his lifetime were suppressed when they got acquainted with the photo and video of the crimes taken from the three mobile phones of the war criminal.

If the hero of America did not clutch at their bloody adventures, no one would have known about the massacres. We add that at least 7 colleagues Gallagher saw these crimes, but did not prevent the atrocity. Apparently, they were not shocked, which indirectly confirms the widespread practice of unmotivated violence against Iraqis. By the way, witnesses received immunity from prosecution if they assist the investigation. They will be forgiven, even if someone personally helped the bloody fur seal.

This remark clearly demonstrates the Anglo-Saxon approach to military operations abroad. Actually, therefore, no one in Iraq believed the conclusions of the Pentagon Commission that the fighters of the Popular Mobilization Forces were bombed not by American planes, but by some others  either Iranian or Russian.

According to the press service of Hashd Al-Shaabi, on January 15, 2019, American special forces, together with pro-American Sunni groups, attempted to secretly cross the border of Syria to conduct a suspicious operation. But they were not allowed to do this, which, apparently, was the cause of the bombing punishment.

Note that the number of Hashd Al-Shaabi bayonets with combat experience exceeded 150,000 motivated fighters. MP Al-Hazali, by the way, managed to legalize the Popular Mobilization Forces in the form of PMCs. This was done after the militia took a direct part in the defeat of ISIS. But now in a hurry, the Pentagon is labeling Iraqi PMCs as a terrorist organization that allegedly cooperates with the Hezbollah movement.

The detonator of the growing contradictions between Baghdad and Washington was the unexpected visit of Donald Trump to this country at the end of December 2018. Then the US president visited 5,200 American soldiers stationed in Iraq. The words of the head of the White House, who announced that the US army will be here as long as necessary, despite the requests of Baghdad, poured oil on the fire. This is extremely negatively interpreted by the local population.

Iraqi political leaders vehemently condemned this trip and called the visit a violation of Iraqs sovereignty. It is significant that Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi refused to meet with Trump, citing disagreements over the venue for the negotiations. And Sabah Al-Saadi, the head of the parliamentary Islam bloc, called for an emergency session of parliament to discuss this glaring event and also point Trump at the door with the words the US occupation of Iraq is over.

The second equally important factor is the anti-Iran sanctions. Baghdad, as a political center, found itself in a very difficult situation. Any Iraqi prime minister, any politician and even an army commander who will support this step will be instantly blackened as an American puppet and will face irreconcilable opposition from numerous political groups in Mesopotamia.

Today, along with 1,458 km of the Iraqi-Iranian border, numerous logistics centers were built, which only in 2018 provided trade between the two countries worth more than $ 12 billion. To this it is logical to add a huge mutual pilgrimage to the Shiite holy sites of Iraq and Iran. As a result, a huge danger appeared in front of Washington in the form of a strategic alliance between Tehran and Baghdad.

The US is trying to ignore the presence of a strong popular movement among the population of Iraq, supported by the Shiite movements of Iran. Meanwhile, these Forces fought with ISIS for more than four years and, no doubt, are ready to wage a long rebel war against the American troops in Iraq, without even turning to Tehran for support. There are many militant groups that fought to death with the Islamic State and even formally joined the ranks of the pro-American coalition. But after the defeat of ISIS, they refused to be integrated into the pro-American Ministry of Defense of Iraq or the Ministry of the Interior, writes the American Herald Tribune.

Perhaps the current government of Iraq is not yet ready to declare war on America, but it is no longer able to stop the troops of Hashd al-Shaabi if they receive the law of parliament on the inadmissibility of American troops on the territory of the country. In this case, Washington will be in a very difficult situation, because, remaining in Mesopotamia, will violate international law, and if it leaves, it will lose the 16-year war.
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