Finish line

Finish line

The end of the friendship between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping is likely to lead to a further aggravation of relations between the United States and China.

Until this week, the friendship with President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China, about which Donald Trump spoke so much, was the only bright spot on the increasingly gloomy relations between America and China. But now she disappeared. And this does not bode well.

Speaking at a press conference in New York, Donald Trump said that their friendship with X had come to an end.

At the same time, Donald Trump, by the way, did not calm down and finally finished off journalists, calling on all countries to resist the offensive of socialism.

The end of the friendship between the leaders of the two strongest economies in the world was hardly surprised by anyone, because they were waiting for this. Relations between the United States and China have steadily deteriorated all the year and a half of Trump's stay in power. As recently as this week, the White House imposed unprecedented sanctions against the Chinese military for buying rockets and airplanes from Russia. Beijing did not remain in debt and forbade the American warship to enter Hong Kong in October.

If you look at the US-China relations in a broad perspective, you immediately see that under Trump there was a sharp deterioration on all fronts, ranging from trade to cybersecurity and geopolitical problems like Taiwan and the South China Sea.

“Trump's speech at the UN has become an unequivocal declaration of a cold war based on values to China,” said Chen Zhiu, a professor of economics at the University of Hong Kong and a former economic adviser to the State Council of the People's Republic of China. “Although President Trump did not mention China, speaking of socialism and communism, everyone understood perfectly well who it was about. ”

The trade war, according to Chen, is not Trump's ultimate goal, but merely a means of achieving a larger strategic goal.

Of course, the end of the friendship between Trump and X was hardly surprised by the fact that this friendship was unnatural from the very beginning. At the very beginning, everyone paid attention to this side of their relations, because the future president had devoted most of the election campaign to attacking China. He blamed Beijing for all the troubles of the United States. However, after meeting in Mar-a-Lago last April, Donald Trump announced a great friendship, although this did not prevent him from continuing to criticize China tirelessly.

For the sake of justice, it should be said that Comrade Si, who is behaving more courageously and more aggressively in the international arena, is partly to blame for the end of unnatural friendship, which, naturally, many critics of the Middle Kingdom cannot like. It is enough to recall the statement by the Chinese leader at the CPC congress in 2017 on the successful construction of artificial islands in the SCM, which provoked loud criticism. Very large and far-reaching goals are stated in the “Made in China 2025” program. And really, with hostility from the critics of China, they began the modernization of the Chinese army.

Not only the White House, but others are contributing to the deterioration of relations between Washington and Beijing. The Pentagon, for example, called the PRC a strategic competitor. Human rights activists, businessmen and lawmakers are demanding that the White House tighten policy towards the Middle Kingdom because of its behavior in trade and repression against opponents within China.

Both sides are already taking measures to protect from each other. The Chinese government banned the media from mentioning its flagship talent attraction program after the FBI arrested one of its employees in August. It is also said that Beijing is going to ban foreign broadcasts at prime time.

According to Eric Schmidt, the former executive director of Google, the Internet over the next ten years will be divided into two parts: American and Chinese.

Of course, the entire planet is tensely following the relationship between Washington and Beijing. The prospect of long-term rivalry between them has already led to serious changes both in geopolitics and in the markets.

China seeks to avoid isolation and is now vigorously “caring” for its long-time rival Japan. The first joint statement of Beijing and Brussels in three years, made at the bilateral summit in July, draws attention to itself. Mexican consumers were delighted with the sharp decline in prices for American soybeans after China abandoned it.

Of course, the last red line has not yet been moved, and you can still turn back and avoid further escalation of tension. Much will depend on the negotiations between Trump and Cte Tethe at the G20 summit in late November. However, recent statements by the American president and, above all, about the end of friendship, do not give grounds for optimism. On the other hand, now Trump's “business card” could be very useful - to change his position by 180 degrees. In this regard, it suffices to recall their first meeting, which all predicted a fiasco.

Maybe all is not lost, and Donald Trump in his peculiar manner will change his mind and say that he and C are still friends.
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