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Huawei threatens US national security

Huawei threatens US national security

Ren Zhengfei — Chinese entrepreneur, former officer of the People’s Liberation Army of China, founder and president of Huawei, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies

On the eve of the next, possibly decisive, round of trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing, the US Department of Justice filed formal accusations against the Chinese.

Nearly two months after the arrest in Canada of the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Meng Wangzhou, at the request of the United States, the US Justice Department finally broke the lingering silence and charged both the Chinese giant, the world's largest telecommunications company, and the daughter of the founder and manager Huawei, and two subsidiaries.

US Attorney General Matthew Whittaker, after reading the charges, thanked Canada for helping to apprehend Meng Wangzhou. In Ottawa now, probably, they are no longer happy that they helped an ally, because Beijing in retaliation arrested several Canadian citizens, and even sentenced one for drug smuggling to death.

The US Justice Department is accusing Huawei of fraudulently forcing the Chinese to actually operate a large bank with Iran. violated US sanctions against Tehran. The Chinese said the bank did not conduct any business with Iran, which is not true, because Skycom, which sold technology to Tehran for more than $ 100 million, is controlled by the Chinese giant.

In addition, according to a long-established tradition, Chinese people are accused of stealing technology and intellectual property. Moreover, in this case, specifically in the theft of T-Mobile technology related to checking smartphones for the duration of work. By the way, Huawei and T-Mobile resolved all disagreements peacefully in 2017.

The US Department of Justice stressed that the charges were made against a private company and one of its leaders, but not against the Chinese authorities. At Huawei, it is rumored that industrial espionage is in demand and encouraged by prizes for stolen secrets and technology.

«Both accusations prove Huawei’s brazen and repeated actions to take advantage of the results of American companies and financial organizations and threaten free and fair international markets,” said FBI Director Christopher Ray, the charges. «According to the charges, Huawei and its senior staff have repeatedly refused to respect the US laws and international business principles. ”

«There is a lot of evidence that shows that there is not a single large Chinese company that is truly independent of the government of the PRC or the CPC,” said Virginia senator from the Senate Intelligence Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Ray said. and the military called the calling card of the country is no exception. Obviously, this company poses a threat to our national security”

American authorities have been fighting for a long time with Huawei. Moreover, as usual, Washington connected to it and its allies on different continents. Delhi, for example, accused Huawei of trying to hack telecommunications equipment in 2014, and the African Union in the same, but last year. We can also recall the arrest in Poland of the director of the Polish branch of the company, who was also accused of stealing technology.

Huawei rejects all accusations. The company stresses that it does not share information and data with the Chinese government, but agrees that, according to Chinese laws, private companies are obliged to respond to requests from the state.

It seems that it is not by chance that the accusations were made a day before the start of a new round of negotiations between the US and Chinese trade delegations in Washington. This was done in order to exert pressure on Beijing, in order to make it more compliant and flexible in negotiations.
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