The battle for Merkel’s place has begun

The battle for Merkel’s place has begun

Angela Merkel awaits Sunday with fear. October 28 in the German state of Hessen will be held elections to the local parliament. According to numerous polls, the Christian Democrats in this election will face another defeat. Perhaps not even a defeat, but a rout. The results of the elections in Hesse in the event of the defeat of the CDU will become a new weapon for opponents of the Chancellor, demanding that she resign.

The fragile Big Coalition in Germany is about to collapse. Most recently, she was knocked down by elections in Bavaria, the birthplace of Christian Merkel's junior partners - Christian socialists Horst Seehofer. In Berlin, they have not yet fully analyzed and digested the results of the catastrophic elections in Bavaria, and on the nose are new elections that will have hard times for the CDU itself. Political analysts predict the defeat of the current premier of Hesse - Volker Buffier, a devoted supporter of Merkel. 26% are ready to vote for the Christian Democrats on Sunday, almost one and a half times less than in previous elections. The Wiesbadener edition of Kurier believes that they themselves are to blame because they have rested on their laurels for too long.

In recent years, the usual compromise policy of Angela Merkel, consisting, if in a nutshell, not in solving, but only in smoothing out problems and contradictions, is finding less and less support among German voters. Surveys show their tiredness of the CDU / CSS Big Social Ruling coalition with the Social Democrats (SPD) again and again.

“Both of the main German parties (CDU and SPD) clearly lack creative, future-oriented answers to the main questions,” explains the authoritative publication Sueddeutsche Zeitung. “This situation may lead the party to death in the end.”

As usual under the law of communicating vessels in applying it to politics, the decline of some parties leads to the rise of others. In this particular case, the ultra-right and anti-migrant party Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the left Greens sharply increased the ratings of CDU and SPD.

Representatives of AfD, whose number is rapidly growing at the expense of deserters from both main parties, thanks to the discontent of ordinary Germans with the open door policy pursued by Angela Merkel, are now included in the Landtags of 15 of the 16 lands of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as in the Bundestag.

Greens, by the way, are now included in the ruling coalition in Hesse as a junior partner, according to forecasts, can count on doubling their previous result - 22%. This will be even more than 17.5% of the votes they got two weeks ago in deeply conservative Bavaria.

The ruling coalition is also weakened by the recent recent clarification of relations on the issue of the same open door policy and migrants. The year 2015, when Merkel’s decision to send an unlimited number of migrants from Africa and Asia to the country was supported by the overwhelming majority of Christian Democrats, is long gone. Every day it is becoming more and more difficult for the chancellor to prove his case even taking into account the numerous concessions to his party members.

Speaking of the Grand Coalition, it should be mentioned that in the Social Democratic Party, which according to polls in Hesse can count on 20 percent, and in the country as a whole has about 15%, the demands of rank-and-file party members to withdraw from the conservative coalition .

Merkel's supporters believe that the reason for the defeat of CSU in Bavaria is that the party, like a parrot, has adopted AfD's anti-immigrant rhetoric. However, to explain the impending defeat in Hesse, and not allies, and his own will be much more difficult.

The low result of Volker Buffier will be another blow to Angela Merkel herself on the eve of the December conference of Christian Democrats, at which the election of the party leader should take place.

Die Welt, for example, believes that the defeat of the CDU in Hesse could well lead the Chancellor to the loss of all her posts, and it is not by chance that she signs an editorial article about the Sunday elections with a provocative headline: “Who will kill the queen?” Hesischer Rundfunk echoes her, then, far from all land elections become mini-federal elections.
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