London is preparing the scam of the century

The British government has launched an «alternative» plan for secession from the European Union.

London is preparing the scam of the century

The previous one was rejected by the House of Commons. However, a strange thing, for some reason, the new Brexit project is like two drops of water similar to the previous one. From which it is easy to guess that the Theresa May government has gone to outright fraud, declaring the old scenario of leaving the EU «new.»

Understanding why the British Prime Minister did this is not difficult. The fact is that the draft agreement with Brussels, rejected by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, has already been initialed by the European Commission and it does not intend to consider another. However, in the actions of the British government there could be more powerful motives hidden from the eyes of others. They also wanted to stay below.

After reading the draft UK agreement on leaving the EU, there may be confusion. The fact is that the document suggests … the actual dismantling of the government of the United Kingdom. It provides for the preservation of Northern Ireland, both in the European Customs Union and in the European Economic Area.

It is clear that in this way the British government tried to solve a number of problems that could arise in the process of Brexit with this region. First of all, the problems of economic. After all, the economy of Northern Ireland is too closely connected with the economy of the rest of the island and the restoration of customs barriers is fraught with a break in the commercial chains established over the decades, which means the erosion of the economic base of this already not the richest UK region.

London is preparing the scam of the century

In addition, actually leaving Ulster as part of the EU, British politicians expect to knock the ground out from under the feet of the Irish national radicals. After all, the condition for the termination of inter-ethnic war in Ulster since the 1960s was the participation of Dublin and London in the European integration community. In the event that the island ceases to be a single economic unit, and the border from a dotted line on a geographic map again becomes a dividing line, the conflict in Northern Ireland will inevitably break out with a new force.

However, an attempt to solve all these problems by abandoning a part of sovereignty over the region (the draft agreement with the EU implies the establishment of a de facto condominium over the UK and the European Union) threatens London with far more dire consequences.

The fact is that in the late 1990s, during the so-called «devolution» (delegation of its powers to local authorities by the central government), the United Kingdom was transformed from a unitary state to a quasi-federal one. It consisted of four autonomies (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), and London retained the prerogative of emergency status to cancel this autonomous status in case of emergency. This prerogative was the fictitious federal status of the British kingdom.

However, in the case of the transformation of Northern Ireland into a condominium, the British Parliament automatically loses this right in relation to the new joint ownership. The EU will get a legal opportunity to block any attempts by the British authorities to deprive Ulster of state attributes. Given that Ireland, in whose constitution Belfast is declared «Irish Territory,” is actively handing out its passports to local residents, very soon, most people in the region may even become citizens of the Republic of Ayre. And then one step will remain until they unilaterally declare their „independence.“

Thus, the current provisions of the agreement with the EU promise the UK disintegration. After all, the Ulster precedent could be a good reason for the „sovereignty“ of another British autonomy — Scotland. Even today, the authorities of this region openly state their intention to remain in the EU, and the Court of Session in Edinburgh has accepted for consideration a lawsuit by local parliamentarians about the possibility (in the case of «brexit”) of leaving the United Kingdom.

But the most interesting thing is that such a circumstance may be in the hands of London financial groups.The fact is that the official external debt of Foggy Albion is a serious problem for the business activity of the City, and today it has reached a huge amount of more than 8.1 trillion dollars (314% of GDP). According to this indicator, the country was in fourth place after the United States, the EU and Japan. If we add to this the research results of the European business school ESCP on the cross-entry of debts in the European Union, it turns out that the City of London is generally at the center of a giant global financial bubble, which, according to minimal calculations, is tied up by 53 trillion international debt obligations, or All the debts of our planet.

London is preparing the scam of the century

In this situation, there is a huge temptation to jump out of the global speculative pyramid first, in order to avoid making claims from creditors. But how to do this, if the eyes of the whole world are chained to you? There are two options: either to organize a world war, in which creditors become debtors, or … to liquidate legal entities that have all debts.

If we apply the latter scenario to the current situation, it will turn out that it is enough to cancel two acts in order for the United Kingdom to cease to exist. The abolition of acts on the union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801 and on the union of England and Scotland in 1707 will return London to the status quo of the seventeenth century. A commonwealth of three states (England and Wales as successors of the English kingdom, Scotland and Northern Ireland) will appear on the basis of a single state, interconnected only by a personal union of the English monarch. As for debts, there will be no one to make claims on them. After all, the state (Great Britain), which is indebted, will cease to exist, and it simply will not have its successors.

Moreover, with such a radical transformation, the British elites still have a chance to save pound sterling. Today, huge debts are a direct threat to its status as a global reserve currency. However, in the event of the disappearance of the United Kingdom, the debt will turn into dust, and the Bank of England will continue to print the pound sterling as if nothing had happened. After all, it formally refers only to the territory of the former English kingdom, and in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey has its own, independent emission centers.

Of course, at first glance, such a scenario looks fantastic. But after all, the British, under the guise of hypocrisy, have done more and not such scams. In addition, before the eyes of the older generation of the English elite there is a historical example.

By the end of World War II, the debt of the British Empire exceeded 200% of GDP. However, with a few exceptions, London has not paid off these debt obligations. In order not to pay off creditors, the British government decided on a large-scale scam. At first, he reorganized the empire into the British Commonwealth, turning the largest colonies into dominions. Then transformed the British Commonwealth, first into the Commonwealth, and then into the Commonwealth of Nations. Thanks to these manipulations on the same day, it turned out that most of the debts of the British Empire simply do not have a legal successor and creditors have no one to complain. And this is despite the fact that London banks managed to maintain financial control over the former colonies, while the British monarch remained the head of the Commonwealth.

The logic of successful scams always prompts a swindler: if one day you manage to circle one finger, then why not repeat it again?
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