Immersion of Europe in chaos: Brexit, France, then Germany

Immersion of Europe in chaos: Brexit, France, then Germany

The old continent is noticeably reeling from the crowds of migrants, who, as if by magic, suddenly became active. This revived the repressed nationalist forces in Europe. The sharply deteriorating economic situation on the continent led to the emergence of such movements as the yellow vests in France, which gradually began to seize other European countries.

All this cannot be explained simply by chance. Moreover, for every such cases, quite obvious obvious customers can be traced.


The results of the referendum on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU in the 2016th year for many were a complete surprise. The most common version was that the British elites know something, and therefore they decided to be the first to escape from the sinking pan-European ship.

Today we observe that the real results of Brexit hit hard in the first place in Britain itself. Many multinational companies, which for decades have maintained their headquarters in London, today are hastily evacuating their offices to mainland Europe, and the United Kingdom, however, lost only up to 10% (about $ 1 trillion) of its capitalization at the first stage.

Immersion of Europe in chaos: Brexit, France, then Germany /

And then there will be problems in Northern Ireland, where the other day, for the first time in many years, cars began to explode again under police stations. And from here many have a quite reasonable question:

If everything we see was expected and predictable, then what did Britain decide to run away from?


To some extent, the answer to this question were the events in France. We are talking about as if from nowhere did the movement of yellow vests come from, which the authorities initially did not take very seriously, and today they quite reasonably consider them to be a threat to national security.

Immersion of Europe in chaos: Brexit, France, then Germany

Yes, neither more nor less. And the point here is not at all that the protests have not abated for more than two months and are about to move to a new level, but that the protesters themselves are shaking their own government in order to satisfy certain external forces.

And these forces are easy to find. The main crime of the bloody regime of Macron before humanity is not that it raised taxes for the poor and thus made ordinary French people even poorer. The same before him did all the latest modes, without exception. The main thing is that, contrary to Washingtons desire, he began to work very closely with Russia, to promote its strategic projects and interests in Europe (Nord Stream-2, Yamal LNG, Arctic LNG-2, etc.). At the same time, Macron began to move away from the United States, spoke about the fact that the interests of Washington and Europe do not coincide in many positions, and that it is necessary to create its own separate pan-European army.

Is it any wonder after this the appearance of yellow vests and the fact that they act in full accordance (of course with French specifics) with the training manual that was successfully implemented in Ukraine?


And, judging by the latest statements of the German extreme left and right politicians, very soon similar problems can begin with the close partner of Macron on this line, Angela Merkel and her political heirs.

Immersion of Europe in chaos: Brexit, France, then Germany

On December 23, 2018, the leader of the German left, Sarah Wagenknecht in a yellow vest, called on her compatriots to follow the example of the French and begin to fight for their own rights.

They take to the streets against the president of the rich and snatched the first concessions from him. I think we need the same pressure in Germany. Our country and its people also suffer from the government of the rich. There should be more resistance against him in Germany, and we need a lot of people who are ready to take to the streets.

The extreme rightists also speak of the sufferings of ordinary Germans from the crowd of immigrants. And, judging by the results of the last election, such rhetoric is becoming more and more popular every year.

Already in 2019, the German authorities may face a war on two fronts.In the western lands, the left will demand an improvement in the share of the poor, and in the eastern lands, people will unite under anti-immigrant slogans. And all these people will do the same thing, trying to push the government into cooperating with Russia, which, despite official rhetoric, is still being led by the not bloody regime of Angela Merkel (but temporarily). The stubbornness with which official Berlin is opposed to American demands is unique for the new history, and Washingtons stubbornness should be nipped in the bud until the same strong bond between Moscow and Berlin follows the strong axis Moscow-Beijing.

Immersion of Europe in chaos: Brexit, France, then Germany

If you look at the history of the last few centuries, we will see that the main goal of the foreign policy of the Anglo-Saxon world was the principle of a divided Europe. All his power has always been directed to splitting the continent into two warring camps. Great Britain, and now the United States, also relegated to itself the role of an international arbiter and recipient of dividends.

That is why one should not be surprised at today's attempts by Washington to wreak havoc in Europe and blame its Russian partners for this. Anglo-Saxon politicians did not invent anything new. They just follow their centuries-old tradition and try to observe their permanent interests. Even at the expense of their so-called allies:

We have no eternal allies and we have no permanent enemies. Our interests are eternal and constant. Our duty is to protect these interests.

Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston (British Prime Minister).
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