The United States is rapidly losing world leadership?

The United States is rapidly losing world leadership?

The US is rapidly losing world leadership, occupying a solid 1st place in terms of government debt. Everybody beats the alarm — from simple analysts to serious government agencies.

According to statistics from the CIA, one of the most non-volatile departments of the United States, US GDP at PPP (remember, this is the most correct indicator of the size of the economy, which is why the CIA operates with them) ranks 2nd, behind the Chinese GDP at PPP by almost $ 4 trillion the end of 2017. At the same time, if we calculate the GDP by commodity mass, then this is already a solid third place, and the backlog of leaders (China and India) is growing every year and becoming a multiple.

The fact that the previous leadership was conquered in a difficult struggle solely by increasing the debt load is not clear except to the most stubborn members of Uncle Sam's sect, who now himself is not happy with his comical and crooked image of the old USA symbol.

But here everything is simple — as the ship will be called, it will float in such a way: the restaurant will never become a restaurant, which chefs do not hire. American cooks are best able to sculpt fast food, and not only in the food industry.

During the period of Trump's presidency, the US national debt grew by $ 2 trillion, showing signs of a self-sufficient objective reality that she wanted to spit on the bustle of two-legs. At the same time, these are all signs of impossibility to exist in the previous paradigm, as well as the exclusion of the variant of its peaceful, painless shift.

However, the history of mankind, like the history of different countries, knew times worse, though with other sexual characteristics. Only the players, small and imperceptible against the general background, found a way out of such crises without setting the world on their ears. Just because the world did not notice them, they are so small and imperceptible. All the others, with rare exceptions, were chosen by unleashing world wars precisely because of their scale.

By the way, the recent exception here is Russia, which survived the collapse of the USSR and got out of the deepest crisis on its own, all with elements of civil war (Chechnya). Uncle Sam has no such experience, constantly intriguing and training on the natives to be ready for the next cleansing round, able to write off all previous sins and preferably someone else's hands.

Art preparation began not today or yesterday. However, right now she is entering her final stage, which can last for a long time and not for long at the same time. It all depends on the risk assessment that even the most notorious Washington hawks are forced to take into account. Therefore, they act subtly and consistently.

From the very beginning, I said that Brexit is a thoughtful and timely step that has nothing in common with the alleged referendum. Moor did his job, Moor can leave. Europe rears up, or rather, put it in a pose from which there are two ways out: either die or be reborn. The invasion of migrants is an effective tool to awaken Germany or France.

One out of two. The Germans were bent over too long, so it was the French who first began to gain momentum. Then it will be like this: some will rebel, others will be quiet, then vice versa, until either France or Germany begins to restore its Norman order throughout Europe. Despite rebellious France, I still tend to Germany, which is brought to the Zugunder, not so much by the Arabs, the Poles and the Greeks will help with their claims on the next restitution.

And then everything will go according to a previously prescribed scenario, the markers of which are already put on display for everyone, having eyes and ears, will see and hear.

Trump has consistently led the US to withdraw from NATO, first warning of the need for meaningless increases in spending by EU countries, and now with transparent public statements about the desire to withdraw from the alliance. The goal is simple: to free America in the near future from the obligations to comply with Article 5 of the NATO Charter on the need to immediately enter the war if such is the case for any country of the alliance. In the near future, as soon as Brexit is completed, a similar step should be expected from the former great Britain.Such are the markers, after the execution of which the Anglo-Saxon world will consider itself ready to allow the EU to begin to create its army under a single command, naturally German. As always, history repeats itself, even if in the form of a farce. As always, the Americans unleash a war by proxy. As always, they will wait for the winner to open the «second front” at the right moment.

In parallel, the American military doctrine is changing, no longer shy about openly announcing its aggressive plans for a preventive nuclear strike. This is necessary, together with the withdrawal of the restrictive treaties, to start developing all types of weapons that may be needed in a future war.

You should not be deceived, the United States will not hit first, because the risks exceed the probability of surviving. Simply, the military industrial complex is preparing for the future influx of unlimited orders, which once again will allow the economy to be pulled out of the quagmire, and at the same time to write off astronomical debt.

All those who say are right: in the event of a world war, regardless of the reasons, causes and initiators, the first blow must be applied to where the world intrigues are lagging and plans for their next greatness on Russian-European wrecks. But this is hypothetical, but for now you should continue to create weapons that have no analogues. And if anyone has a doubt, answer simply: and you try …
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