You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

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American singer and actress Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her father with charges of commercially using her brand Fenty, under which cosmetics and clothing are sold.

Let us recall the cases when celebrities found out the relationship with their relatives in the courtroom.


The conflict star R'n'B with his father broke out because of the talent agency Fenty Entertainment. The full name of the Barbados artist is Robin Rihanna Fenty. The singer founded the successful brands Fenty Beauty and Savage & Fenty. And her father, Ronald Fenty, is trying to use her daughter's trademarks for her own business.

You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

Singer Rihanna on the red carpet of the premiere of the film «Okcha” at the 70th Cannes Film Festival

He tried to register the Fenty trademark for the hotel chain, as well as organize a concert star tour to Latin America for $ 15 million. Rihanna repeatedly asked her father to stop acting on her behalf, but after he created the company Fenty Entertainment, which also unreasonably associates itself with the singer, I had to ask for help in court.


Like no one else, Rihanna is understood by her colleague — R'n'B-performer Beyonce. At the beginning of her career, her father, Matthew Knowles, was the main inspirer and promoter of the singer — she quit her job and spent all her time producing.

You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

In 2011, Beyonce learned that all this was disinterested: the father appropriated the millions of fees. Filed in court. Matthew escaped punishment for fraud, but the relationship with his daughter has since been tainted.


American rapper Eminem (real name — Marshall Bruce Mathers) never hid a complicated relationship with Debbie Mathers mother: in songs and autobiography he accused her of addiction to drugs and alcohol, which was passed on to him.

You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

© AP Photo / Invision/Amy Harris
Singer Eminem during a performance at the festival of music and arts in Bonnard. June 9, 2018

In 2008, Debbie Mathers responded by publishing the book My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, and sued the rapper for slander. A year later, after a serious illness and heart surgery, the mother tried to rebuild relations with her son. However, Eminem refused to go to the world.

Drew barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore became famous in the movies as a child. Mother, Jade Barrymore, taught her to bohemian lifestyle since childhood — she drove to clubs, such as the legendary „Studio 54“. As a result, Drew started smoking at nine, drinking alcohol at 11, and at 13 she first came to a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

Actress Drew Barrymore at the 74th Golden Globe Awards

After a suicide attempt and a second term in rehab, Drew filed a lawsuit against her mother and deprived her of custody. This, however, did not prevent Jade from selling her daughter’s children's things and memoirs. In an interview with Drew, Barrymore complained that her mother went under the hammer all her memories of her childhood. Nevertheless, in 2001, Drew and Jade still resumed communication.

Macaulay Culkin

Once the most popular child actor in Hollywood, starring in the movie «Home Alone” Macaulay Kalkin had to plead with both parents for the right to dispose of honestly earned money. Multimillion-dollar fees were the reason for the ongoing conflicts with Father Christopher and mother Patricia.

You gave birth to me, I will sue you: the stars who sued the parents

© Invision/Jordan Strauss
Macaulay Culkin at the American Music Awards

Both were trying to formalize the guardianship of the young actor, simultaneously exposing exorbitant demands to the producers, which ultimately ruined Kalkin's career. As soon as he reached the age of majority, in 1998 he went to court and won from his parents the right to independently manage the $ 17 million that lay on his bills. But the damage caused by a career in the movies, could not be repaired.
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