The United States acknowledged that Germany had withdrawn from obedience

The United States acknowledged that Germany had withdrawn from obedience

The German tabloid Bild reported that the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, sent letters to a number of German companies, in which he threatened them with possible sanctions if they supported the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

The appeal states that the Turkish and Northern flows will lead to the fact that gas transit through Ukraine will lose its meaning and this country will lose its importance in the field of security policy, and this, in turn, will entail an increase in the risk of interventions from Russia.

The ambassador also reminded that the United States strongly opposes the construction of the second line of the Nord Stream, since the gas pipeline has serious geopolitical consequences for Europe.

The representative of the ambassador said the publication that the letter should not be perceived as a threat, but as a clear expression of US policy," thereby confirming the information about the distribution of such a message. However, according to Bild, the German business perceived it as a blatant attempt at pressure.

This news can be viewed from various angles: to expose the hypocrisy and double standards of the United States in the matter of interference in the internal affairs of other states; slander about the indispensability of Ukraine as a gas transit country; analyze how much the Germans have enough patience to endure such degrading treatment by the States, and many other aspects. And all this will be fair and not unreasonable.

But I would like to draw attention to one more thing that happened: sending this letter to the Americans was a manifestation of outright weakness and another retreat from the position of the global hegemon.

In their work with other states, states traditionally resort to a wide range of methods to achieve goals  depending on what level of influence they have on the authorities of certain countries. Everything is used: from prikormlivaniya of civil society through a system of grants to backstage (and even open) blackmail of the country's leadership, from bribing to direct intervention through military force.

However, their work in this area these past years increasingly fails. The US is forced to move away from the tools of soft power, referring to the hard, but this also does not always help them. The number of states successfully increasing their sovereignty, ignoring the requirements of the world superpower, or at least successfully evading their execution, is slowly but steadily growing.

But in this system there are very special cases. Speech about the states connected with the USA is not even veiled-vassal, but, in fact, open-occupation relations, in which Washington is supposed to give orders that are accepted for immediate execution. The first to come to mind in this regard are, of course, Germany and Japan.

If Tokyo attempts to break out of this scheme, established by the United States following the results of the Second World War, is practically not taken, then Berlin has been actively working in this direction in recent years. In fact, much of the analytics devoted to transatlantic relations in recent years comes down to estimates and projections of whether Germany will be able to achieve success on this path.

In fact, the message of Grenella was the recognition that the Germans have something to brag about. The subtext of the letter is obvious: we, the United States, cannot achieve the refusal of the Nord Stream 2 from the leadership of Germany, it does not obey us, the usual methods do not work. Therefore, we are forced to try to put pressure on the business.

Moreover, such a form as an ambassadors official letter is evidence that the traditional and less formal instruments of influence on German entrepreneurs like backroom conversations, which, undoubtedly, were used, were also unsuccessful. As a result, the Americans turned to direct and rude measures to which they resort to all sorts of hopeless renegades such as Russia, China, Iran, and other disobedient powers.

It would be naive to believe that the old European business, which the Americans are now trying to openly intimidate, will not understand the implications and context of what is happening. As a result, with great probability, the appeal of the American ambassador will provide a result directly opposite to that on which Washington is counting.

Indeed, for the first time in more than seven decades, the German elites  including the business elites  have a real prospect of restoring the full sovereignty of their country.
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