White American - Endangered Species

White American - Endangered Species

The era of domination of the white English-speaking American, whose ancestors moved to the New World from Europe, ends, and in ten years North America will turn into Latin.

The American Brookings Institute busily counted the percentage of white Americans in different age groups in 2017.

In the generation of grandparents over 75, the number of whites English-speaking is almost 80%.

In the generation from 45 to 49 years old — just over 60%, and in the younger generation under 44 years old the number of white English-speaking Americans is already less than 60%, but these are adults, and as for children, then from the age of 10 years and below white English-speaking Americans became a minority — less than 50% of the nation.

White American - Endangered Species

The racial composition of the new generation of Americans, designated as Z + (born after 2007) is this: every second — white English-speaking, every fourth — Latin, every seventh — black, every twentieth — Asian or half-breed and one of hundred — Indian.

White American - Endangered Species

Judging by the individual states, the situation does not seem to look so bad.

For example, in the north-eastern states, the Z + generation is still mostly white English-speaking. In Vermont, West Virginia, Maine and New Hampshire, more than 84%.

But in 15 states of the country, the population of white English-speaking children is already below 50%, in California, the District of Columbia and New Mexico, only one in five children has white English-speaking, and every sixth in Hawaii.

However, there are places where everything is still worse.

In Hidalgo county in Texas, the number of white English-speaking children is 2.8%, in El Paso — 9%, in Honolulu and the surrounding area — 15.2%, in the vicinity of Los Angeles and Miami — about 20%. In San Francisco — 29.5%.

Why the US government does not deal with this problem closely? The problem is not new, it did not arise yesterday, and Clinton, when he was president, said exactly the same thing that Trump is saying now. True, nobody wanted to put Clinton on a stake like Donald did.

I have my own version: the solution to the problem of migration is not included in the scheme for the further development of the USA.

For the development of the territory, Britain exiled to the New World murderers, robbers, prostitutes. «Mole Flenders» remember? The final phrase from the film based on the book Defoe: «They went to America and became respected people there.» If we forget that «they” are people who had more than one murder behind their backs, it even sounds beautiful.

But why drive a ship across the ocean, at the risk of losing this ship, which is worth more than anything, even hundreds of hanged men, who need to be fed on the way, if it is easier to hang them all up without leaving the ticket office?

For stripping the area.

The indigenous people of North America — the Indians, lived, in fact, under communism — they have everything in common, they work together, divide production and yield equally, and if they are hungry, then everyone is hungry, and if it's a holiday, then everyone.

In the book „George — Blue Bird,” a migrant boy goes to the Indians and cannot understand why there are no locks on the doors, and the corn lies in one big box.

“- And if someone takes everything?
 — Stupid. What for? Everyone takes exactly as much as necessary“.

This was the cause of the total destruction of the Indians. And not only the soldiers of the regular army but also those hanged men who had more than one murder were killed by the Indians were destroyed.

America became white English-speaking, went the way of becoming, as a Great Power, moreover, it partially corresponded indeed, partially it was only good advertising, but hamsters were kept, and not only imported, but own ones.

Americans began to live very well. There appeared a powerful middle class and sickly social elevators.

What for?

Again, the answer is simple: it is unlikely that someone will listen to a neighbor in patched trousers, if one who ends up making ends, but the book of the same Bill Gates «How to become a billionaire” will be bought.

So the United States earned its credibility in the world, and began to bend those who disagree. I wrote about this, but I repeat, the US military is in 75% of the countries of the world, and this is not a cheap contract army, but special reaction forces.

If there are soldiers of a foreign army in the country, the country is not free and independent. That is, 3?4 of the world depends on the will of the Americans.As in the old song: everything is seized, everything is paid for. And if so, then the expensive population becomes an unnecessary luxury.

White Americans, who have generations of American ancestors, are being replaced for cheaper people from Latin America. Latinos are unpretentious, work for less money, and do not show off for fear of losing the green card.

Remember when in the USA hysteria on gender equality, feminism and other vermin began to flourish?

This is also one of the tools to change the racial composition of the country.

Reduced fertility, alcoholism, drugs, harassment. White English-speaking American — the carrier of the gene pool is not needed.

Because, good bye, America!
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