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Donald Trump plus Bush clan

Donald Trump plus Bush clan

New formula of American politics?

The funeral of the 41st US President George W. Bush in December 2018 became a symbolic reconciliation of one of the most influential American clans, the Bush clan, with the 45th President of America Donald Trump. Trump's feud with the Bush family, which broke out during the 2016 presidential race, was replaced by an alliance based on a sober political calculation by the end of 2018.

The former governor of Florida, the son and brother of the former presidents of the country, Republican Jeb Bush joined the fight to nominate his candidacy for the presidency of the United States with family support, but after failing in the state of Nevada and South Carolina for the primaries. CNN Broadcasting Company then called it the «end of the dynasty.” And Trump convincingly won in the primaries in South Carolina.

In the heat of the election campaign, Trump and Jeb Bush did not spare each other. Bush called Trump a „teddy bear”, Trump claimed that Jeb Bush was a nonentity, and wrote on Twitter: „The last thing our country needs is another Bush! Dumb as a stone! ”As historian Mark Apdegrouve, author of The Last Republicans, George H. Bush, in an interview with CNN, once said about Trump, told CNN on television:“ I don’t like him. I do not know much about him, but I know that he is a boaster. I am not happy with the fact that he is a leader. ” According to Bush Sr., Donald Trump could have united the United States, but this requires modesty from him, which is difficult for Trump: «This guy does not know what it means to be president.“

However, in November 2016, Trump announced that he received congratulations on the election victory from a number of Republicans who had previously refused to support him. Among them he named Bush the elder and his two sons — George and Jeb.

On November 7, 2018, the day after the midterm congressional elections, Trump appointed Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, head of the office of the retired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And in December, Trump nominated for this position Republican William Barr. These decisions of the president caused a lot of noise. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer immediately demanded that Whitaker withdrew from decision-making in connection with the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller about the links of Trump's presidential election campaign with Russia.

Significantly, both Barr and Whitaker were once promoted by the Bush clan. William Barr became US Attorney General in 1991, when he was appointed to this position by George Bush Sr. Matt Whitaker owes his career to George W. Bush.

An even more prominent representative of the Bush clan's clientele is Patrick Shenahan, who has come from the Boeing company and is set by Trump at the head of the Pentagon. In the American establishment, Shenahan is considered a man with unique abilities. At Boeing, for many years he was engaged in both civil and military programs, he was sent to where there were technical problems and business collapsed. And everywhere he was doing business, never failing.

«You only need to ask Pat to do something once, and it will be done,” said Jim Albaugh, a former Boeing top executive, in an interview with The New York Times. The New York Times also cites a review of Shenahan elders of the US military-industrial complex Dov Zakheim.: „If Mattis was Mr. Outside, focused on politics and international alliances, Pat was Mr. Mr. Inside, the chief operating officer of the [Pentagon] department … He understood what his role as a manager should be. He did not try to be who he was not. He did not try to be the alter ego of Mr. Mattis. «

From what was said by the veteran of the American military industrial complex, Mattis and Shenahan, during their joint work in the Ministry of Defense, competently divided the functions: one was engaged in foreign policy military strategy, the other cleared the Augean stables of military contractors.Having taken the position of Deputy Minister of Defense in July 2017, Shenahan began to quickly change the system: two weeks after his appointment as Deputy Minister, he and the Minister submitted to the US Congress proposals for changing the procurement system aimed at eradicating lobbyism and purchasing better technological developments for less money.

And given that Boeing, where Shenahan formed as a high-profile crisis manager, is one of the main sponsors of the Bush clan, the rise of Mr. Decision (Mister Fix It), as the corporation called Shenahan, is another reason for the Trump Alliance with the Bush clan.

It should be noted that the ancestors of Bush were among the first European immigrants who arrived in America on the ship «Mayflower“. And the roots of this family go back to the old European aristocracy of royal blood: the English kings Henry II and Richard the Lionheart Plantagenet, King of Scotland Robert II, the French kings Louis VII and Philip the Handsome, Count Robert Artois and others. And two more reasons for the strength of this clan. The first is the solid financial foundation of the family, laid by Samuel Bush and his son Prescott in the early twentieth century. The second and, perhaps, the most important reason is the ability to go to the goal, not hesitating in the choice of means. Neither Hitler's funding nor the secret support of Osama bin Laden pushed this family into the backyard of American politics.

Rumor has it that his father and brother convinced him to get out of the 2016 presidential race in Jeb Bush: it’s not the time yet. If so, then we can assume that then the outlines of the Bush clan with the energetic Trump were outlined. An alliance that can help both Trump, who is aiming for a second term, and Bush himself, does not agree with the statements of American journalists about the end of their dynasty.
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