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A month and a half before September 11, the twin towers insured against the terrorist attack of $ 3.6 billion!

A month and a half before September 11, the twin towers insured against the terrorist attack of $ 3.6 billion!

According to the official version, Arab suicide bombers seized four passenger liners and used them as murder weapons. About three thousand people died.

The event is being discussed by Vladimir Ovchinsky, a police general, the former head of the Russian Interpol Bureau and the writer Viktor Friedman, who lived in the United States for 12 years.

Ovchinsky:  September 11  reformatting the world in the new millennium. With it began the so-called war of civilizations. As for the tragedy itself, for me personally, who worked for almost 30 years in the system of law enforcement agencies, was engaged in the fight against real terrorism, from the very first days a lot was not clear. First, it struck the speed of solving the crime. A few hours later, the leadership of the United States stated that al Qaeda allegedly did, the organizer is bin Laden. He was immediately given the title of the main world villain, declared war on international terrorism. And off we go! The US invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, then  the Arab revolution Later came the volume of the investigation of the official commission of the US Congress. I carefully studied it and found that many ends do not converge.

Gesheft on death

Friedman:  I lived in America at the time. First impression  I watch another blockbuster on TV. But it was a live broadcast, a real tragedy. It became terrible. But the way the 110-story twins crumbled, the first suspicion caused me, having a technical education. It can not be! This was the starting point of the investigation, which I was engaged for more than seven years. The result is a book. September 11: view of the murder.

Corr .: - Where does this name come from?

Friedman:  The View of the Murder  a film from Bond. The villain Max Zorin, to seize the chip market, decided to flood the Silicon Valley, artificially causing an earthquake. I thought to hide the ends in the water, because everything would be written off as a natural disaster. I saw an ominous parallel between the film and the play, played out before the eyes of the entire planet on September 11, 2001. Alas, in life there was no James Bond, who would have prevented the tragedy.

I confess that I, the humanities scholar, in the book and in the whole tragedy of September 11th, is completely different from the lawyer Ovchinsky, the technician Friedman. The story of Larry Silverstein, who made gesheft on this drama.

Friedman: The twins, built in 1970, brought enormous losses to the Port Authoritys owner company. They annually devoured millions of dollars only on electricity, water, heating, and so on. Plus, at least 200 million repairs were needed to replace materials that were recognized as harmful to health in the 1980s. In the first place  carcinogenic asbestos. He is terribly afraid of Americans obsessed with health. The World Trade Center (WTC) was even wanted to be demolished, but the authorities did not give the go-ahead. Carcinogenic asbestos dust could escape into the city.

And then, like in a fairy tale, the good magician Silverstein appears, ready to pay $ 3.2 billion for the troubled WTC! July 23, 2001  six weeks before the tragedy!  The deal is finalized. Larry received the building for rent for 99 years. Immediately lay out all the money for the purchase of Larry did not, broke them into monthly payments. And until September 11, paid only 14 million. But the acquisition of its insured $ 3.6 billion. A separate item  insurance in case of a terrorist attack!

- And this attack, by an amazing coincidence, happened in a month and a half.

Friedman:  And Larry tried to arrange it as a TWO terrorist attack and tear off the double amount from insurance companies  7.2 billion!

- How so?

Friedman: They say that two planes at different times hit the towers, which means they are two different terrorist attacks. Litigation lasted for almost 6 years. In the end, Silverstein received compensation of $ 4.6 billion in insurance payments for the twins, as well as the restoration of the complex. But this was not enough for him. Larry decided to sue another 12 billion from airlines, airport security. And that is not all. Gold and silver bars were kept in the basements of the WTC-4 building.The British Timesonline has led to the itemization of the savings of only the vaults of the New York Commodity Exchange Comex  950 million. And how many other firms kept their ingots there?! According to unverified data, in those basements of the despicable metal was 160 billion dollars! And from under the rubble, according to the mayor of New York, Giuliani, only the unfortunate 230 million were extracted. Where did the rest go? Even if the initial amount is calculated according to Timesonline (about a billion), then it is clear that someone has heated their hands on it. No need to remind who was the tenant of the World Trade Center?

- This is how many hares killed Silverstein with one successful deal on renting a loss-making WTC?

Friedman:  Indeed, Larry played a brilliant combination. But it was not the hares that died, but the people. And not only those who are buried in the ruins. As a result of the collapse of the WTC towers in Manhattan, more than 500 tons of carcinogenic asbestos, as well as lead, mercury and other highly toxic elements were emitted. How many people died later after receiving exorbitant doses of these toxins, and with them chronic and oncological diseases?! And how many more will die!

- You can say, but what does Silverstein have to do with it? He did not know about the Arab terrorists, making a deal!

Friedman:  Everyone saw on TV screens how twin towers fell. But few people know that the 47-storey WTC-7 has collapsed. For him, Larry also received insurance! The plane did not crash into the skyscraper. The fires did not rage inside, only in three places there were local sources of ignition. Why did he collapse? Silverstein once let it slip in an interview with the nationwide PBS channel: I remember how the fire station commander called me and said that he was not sure that he could manage to hold back the flames. I replied that we already had so many victims, so the most reasonable thing would be to demolish it. And we decided to tear it down. After which we all saw how the building collapsed. Here it is, the key word  SNOWLING! But for the preparation of a skyscraper DREAM takes weeks or even months. And the WTC-7 fell eight and a half hours after the first aircraft hit the OTHER skyscraper.

- So?

  So, preparation for the demolition of the WTC buildings was conducted in advance. They laid explosives, pulled wires, etc. The skyscrapers collapsed too beautifully. They did not fall apart in a spontaneous free fall, according to the laws of physics, but formed like card houses. This happens only with a controlled industrial explosion. In favor of this terrible version of the demolition of the twins says a lot of different facts, convincing examinations of independent experts, as well as inconsistencies in the report of the official commission. I bring them in my book. And such a fact. The towers were built with a huge margin of safety in order to withstand a direct strike by the Boeing! Provided even this opportunity. And they fell. Or they were helped to fall?

Who shot at the Pentagon

- It means that smart guys cleverly demolished a loss-making WTC, making good money for it personally and a big political profit for the USA.

Ovchinsky:  It says a lot for this version. In addition to the strangeness with the twin towers, there are still mysterious things. Officially, the Boeing crashed into the Pentagon. So much so that there are no wings, no motor, nothing! The plane was supposed by all the laws of physics to immediately turn the building. But in the wall in the first minutes there was only a hole, like from a cruise missile. However, why HOW? In the official report of the US congressional commission on September 11, I found the transcripts of the Pentagon duty officers. The first cry: Someone declared war on us, they hit us with a rocket! Is it really Russian?

The Pentagon attendants are very well-trained people, these are not our pensioner watchmen. They are what distinguishes the Boeing from the rocket.

Friedman:  Indeed, the outer wall of the Pentagon, where the plane allegedly flew, remained standing, and the collapse of the roof and facade only happened after twenty minutes. And one more fact. On September 10, the head of the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld, publicly admitted: According to some calculations, we missed the amount of $ 2.3 trillion from various transactions. Huge shortage in the office! And now, good luck, the next day the terrorists hit just on the wing of the building of the military department, where important financial documents were kept. All paper burned. Why did the terrorists beat on accounting, and not on the wing where Rumsfeld was sitting, the generals, were there really kept military secrets?

  It is illogical from the point of view of true terrorists. But again, someone gesheft.

Ovchinsky:  The official version says that the courageous American passengers of the fourth liner attacked the terrorists. And so that the Boeing killer does not reach the White House or Washington, it was sent to the ground. On the first anniversary of the tragedy, our TV showed their documentary, shot without delay. There was a story with military pilots who received orders to intercept the Boeing over Pennsylvania. An officer of forty told: We flew up and see that our people are sitting in the Boeing. And they gave us the command to shoot down the plane. And my hand did not rise to press the button  how can I kill my citizens?! But I understood that I should do it. And here he sits and cries in front of the camera. And the frame ends. If you didn't hit this plane, then why are you crying? So, you did execute the command, pressed the button. And the version that the American patriots attacked the terrorists and sent the plane to the ground is slyness. Like so much more in this confusing story. Like long conversations of passengers of the captured airliners with the land on the mobile.

Friedman:  From these talks, allegedly, everyone knew about what was happening on the sides. I personally contacted representatives of the airlines and received an unequivocal answer: neither by mobile nor by aerotelephones (there was such a version!) It was impossible to talk to the ground in 2001. All technical details are in the book.

You also write that, perhaps, not the passenger Boeings crashed into the World Trade Center, but military aircraft camouflaged for them. But the American pilots are not Japanese kamikazes from the Second World War. Why did they have to part with life?

Friedman:  And there were no pilots. Radio-controlled liners flew.

- Fantasy!

Friedman:  Well, why. In 1962, the Yankees dreamed of striking Cuba. But Fidel did not give a reason.US General Staff developed Operation Northwoods. Documents officially declassified in 1997. Judging by them, it was proposed to send from the United States a charter flight with special passengers to rest in Jamaica. During the flight, the charter is replaced by a radio-controlled backup, which is colored, numbered in the same way. This aircraft is being planted at the Eglin Air Force Base, people are being taken out. A twin flies on. Cuba transmits on the international frequency the SOS signals that it is attacked by the Cuban MiG. Then it explodes with the help of a radio signal. And America will receive a message from the International Civil Aviation Organization about the death of their civilian aircraft. No need to sell the incident.

- But you can rightfully attack the Cuban murderers of civilian passengers. Convenient occasion.

Friedman:  However, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara rejected the project. But the idea itself was in the air.

  In theory!

Friedman:  It was and practice. On December 1, 1984, NASA dispatched the Boeing 720 from Edwards Air Base. He flew 16 hours 22 minutes on the remote control with mannequins in the passenger seats, made more than a dozen takeoffs and landings. Ended flight intentional crash in order to experiment.

Ovchinsky:  So the United States had the technical capabilities for provocations in the spirit of Northwoods.

- What happened to the passengers?

Friedman:  I think there were no people in two liners that flew into the World Trade Center. Recall the idea of ​​Northwoods with the substitution. By the way, they did not bother to copy one hundred percent twins. There were flaws in camouflage liners. The Pentagon was hit by a rocket, which means it also did without passengers. But in Pennsylvania, I think people really died.

- And the official lists of victims on 4 liners?

Friedman: First, there are inconsistencies with them, I checked it myself. 200 people appear. Perhaps part of it was a frontman of government organizations, the FBI, NASA, the CIA, let us recall, again, the idea of ​​ Northwoods.

- Dead Souls?

Friedman:  Yes. And someone was just destroyed.

Silence of the Lambs

So, you both are inclined to the version that September 11 is a monstrous provocation, and not a sortie of real Arab terrorists with paper cutters. But such a large-scale operation requires a large number of participants. Someone over the years had to blab, tell the truth-womb! Why is everyone silent?

Friedman:  I think a very limited number of people knew EVERYTHING. As a rule, the more structured the operation, the easier it is to conduct it. You bring a box of unknown to what on the 5th or 20th floor, and the mission is over. People are too curious, you can always intimidate. Or completely removed. The history of the United States shows that the special services are able to use their muscles and do not hesitate to use force under any circumstances.

Ovchinsky:  Recall the so-called murder of the main, according to the USA, organizer of September 11, Osama bin Laden. There were also many statements that in fact Osama died of his death long ago. And in Pakistan, on May 1, they killed a completely different person. Whether it is really bin Laden, the United States, according to the plot, was to consolidate its triumph with an international examination of the corpse. But the corpse was instantly drowned. And soon all the participants of that special operation were killed in Afghanistan. What is called, cleaned the tracks. This is reminiscent of the Kennedy assassination story. Immediately killed Oswald, Jack Ruby dies quickly in prison, there are already three dozen official corpses in this matter. And complete obscurity, who actually shot the president. Can you imagine how many undesirable witnesses could have removed in the panic of September 11th?!

- With silence the lambs are clear. And the inconsistencies? Why do they close their eyes to them?

Friedman:  It is important to provide information at the right time in the right perspective. Then the emotional component blocks the ability to rationally think, people succumb to panic and swallow the bait. The shots of the attack on the World Trade Center shocked the whole world. It was possible to immediately push through the planned measures  to declare war on international terrorism, to introduce draconian measures inside the country, after which America became a totalitarian country. Mission accomplished.And then inquisitive people began to analyze, compare, find flaws in the official version. So what? The train is long gone. And about the appearance of the inconsistencies themselves during the operation, there are two versions. The first was voiced by researcher David Griffin: When we look at our war in Iraq, we understand that these people are not geniuses at all! It is said about those who benefited from the September 11 provocation, which allowed them to enter Iraq. The second version is worse. Separately, the discrepancies seem to be blunders. But when dozens of them are recruited, the question unwittingly arises: is it really a mistake? Or maybe the state wants to cynically emphasize who is the boss in the house? Well, you figured out us, and now what? We still continue to feed you with fairy tales, and most believe in them. We still fight with whom we want. And if we blow up a nuclear charge in a Texas town and accuse Iran, you will believe in it and, demanding enemy blood, fasten star-striped flags on your cars antennae and in a state of hysteria accept the new war with enthusiasm! We still spit on the constitution and on your civil rights. Just because we can afford. For we are power, and you are nothing. And the most annoying that they are absolutely right.

- Then the last question: who did this?

Friedman:  Once I set an ambitious, I will not hide, the task  to collect all the information about September 11 from various sources, sort through, get to the bottom of the essence. 10 years have passed. Book published. New materials  another five hundred pages. And yet I am not able to give the names of all those who stood behind this tragedy, although many of them are completely guessed. I think we, the mere mortals, will never know the whole truth. It is easier to ask the question, who actually benefited from the attacks of September 11? In September 2000, the so-called Project for the New American Century: Rebuilding Americas Defense was published. There are lines: The transformation process, even if it brings revolutionary changes, is likely to be long  in the absence of some catastrophic and accelerating events like the new Pearl Harbor. Among the authors of the Project are R. Cheney, D. Rumsfeld, D. Bush. Exactly one year later he struck out, a new Pearl Harbor. Did these people wait for him or did they actively prepare themselves? And who got the most dividends from the consequences? And in the form of personal gesheft in billions of bucks, and in the form of reformatting the world? Surely the Arabs?

Ovchinsky: - This is a conspiracy against America. Conspiracy within the American political elite. I do not presume to assert that this was done by specific special services. It could be transnational, external, internal, political structures. But they could not act without their people in the army, the FBI, the CIA. The fact that the official version is complete nonsense is absolutely obvious to me. Anyone who has logical thinking can read the congress report. The task of society is to prevent the repetition of the tragedy. And in the United States, and in other countries.

A month and a half before September 11, the twin towers insured against the terrorist attack of $ 3.6 billion!

Larry Silverstein
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