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Germany's double game between Russia and the USA

Germany's double game between Russia and the USA

Germany shouts from the stage: I hate Russia!, Russia whispers: More feelings!, And the US says: I do not believe it!.

Political scientists know that the union of Russia and Germany for Britain and the United States is much worse than the union of Russia and China and in general any other geopolitical scheme. Sergey Kurginyan exemplified his meeting with Bushs senior adviser, where he said that there will never be a union of Germany and Russia, since this means a nuclear war in Europe.

It is clear that the United States will untie it, not Germany and Russia. The United States will fight with Russia for Germany. And in general for the whole of Europe. It is on this basis that Kurginyan concludes that Europe will never accept a full-fledged alliance with Russia, simply for the sake of its own survival and the risk of being destroyed by American weapons. And this conclusion is irrefutable.

Moreover, the strategy of Russia constantly striving to Europe becomes clear. This strategy is based not only on the aspirations of individual members of our elite to move to the West and become part of it. There is another part  realizing that this is impossible, but still rushing to Europe. What for? For reasons of military strategy  to occupy a threatening springboard. This strategy has a much broader base. This is the realization of the fact that Russia can successfully wage local wars, but cannot just as successfully withstand the united West  due to the fact that our economy is in fifth or seventh place in the world, and not in the top three or the top five.

Moreover, this ratio does not change from the time of the ancient Crimean War to the current campaign in Syria. Stalin understood this perfectly well, all the leaders of the USSR understood after him, the current leaders of Russia understand this. According to these criteria, NATO and the ATS  the Organization of the Warsaw Pact countries, the Soviet military bloc, balancing NATO, but not surpassing it, were created.

The only salvation for the Anglo-Saxon domination in Europe is the organization of permanent war between the largest continental European countries. The First and Second World Wars are the two hot stages of the united Great Continuous War of the Anglo-Saxons against Russia, which began with the Crimean War and continues to this day. For breaks between active stages are used to accumulate forces in the following stages. But they are not the world.

Understanding that the only condition for the survival of Germany and France after the two hot stages of the World War of the West against Russia is to avoid the status of the theater of military operations, Europe joins the winner as a defeated vassal. It is saved by the fact that it undoubtedly divides the confrontational paradigm of Britain and the United States towards Russia and participates in all hostile actions in exchange for not participating in the hot stage of the war. And as Germany and France become the core of the US military system in Europe, they begin to secretly carry out large trade projects with Russia that would not be possible if they did not support the confrontation of the Anglo-Saxon world and Russia as a whole.

Germany agreed to become a pivotal part of the US domination system in Europe and all the years of the Soviet Union, on the one hand, pulled out oil and gas pipelines, and on the other hand, actively participated in the creation of all anti-Soviet projects, from supporting Bandera in Soviet Ukraine to becoming a complex subversion center.

This was done by the former Hitlerite experts who stood at the foundations of the creation of the special services of the Federal Republic of Germany, which are under the complete control of the special services of the United States. Two waves of emigration from the USSR were drawn into this. Yes, all the chancellors know that the transcripts of the wiretap of their conversations fall on the table of the US presidents. And it suits them  they demonstrate the absence of secret goals, intentions of going out of control.

Such obedience in the minor allows you to be obstinate in the main. Now in Europe there is no more ardent supporter of sanctions against Russia on the Ukrainian issue than Germany. And Merkel receives from the Germans a mass of reproaches for the dishonesty of such a position, since Russia did not hinder the unification of Germany.But Germany is exchanging rhetoric for business  condemning Russia and demonstrating detachment from it, Germany removes strategic gas pipeline projects from the blow, translating them from the topic of creating the foundations for breaking out of subordination to the States on the issue of the usual commercial benefits of several large companies.

Germany is not at all prepared to cut the bitches under the United States and combine its technologies with the resources of Russia  and thus become the field of a nuclear apocalypse. No, it's just such a business, the competitive struggle of German and American gas corporations.

Having transferred the global conflict of Europe and the USA to a level several orders lower, Germany defended its project of gradually transforming itself into a sovereign center of power and won an interim victory over its winner. Germany does not allow imposing the interpretation of gas pipelines as a political problem, insisting on the interpretation of a purely commercial. At the same time, even heightening anti-Russian rhetoric.

Thus, a secret conspiracy has arisen between Russia and Germany, where they imitate the struggle in public, but in fact they help each other to dump the global domination of the United States or substantially restrict it  for now there is no strength for more. And neither Russia nor Germany has a goal to destroy the United States in principle. They have a goal to strengthen themselves. The fact that it automatically omits the United States is a side effect, and not the goal of the entire covert interaction strategy.

Germany occupied the position of support for the rejection of Russia from Ukraine and participation in the occupation of the latter, which was outraged by the Russians and Germans. Why does she do it? It seems that Germany has its own views on Ukraine, and it seeks to include it in its sphere of influence. Yes, this desire exists, but why is Germany needed? After all, Ukraine is not in a position to be a sales market for German products, and as an object of German investments, Ukraine is also not interested in Germany. That is, Ukraine is not an object of expansion of German capital. Then why does Germany control the port in Mariupol and the government in Kiev?

Germany seeks to increase the number of points of influence on Russia only in order to maintain its position in the gas issue. Germany is interested in the Ukrainian pipe as a counterweight to the too-growing Gazprom. After all, Russia has broken through  with the consent of Germany that empowered it  to Europe along two main directions for the USA  along the south on the Black Sea and along the north on the Baltic. Where it was planned to cut off Russia from Europe.

Russia embraced Europe with two pipeline sleeves, and Europe not only does not shy away from such embraces, but also itself, so to speak, unlocks windows and doors for them  in words, of course, shouting that she is married to the United States and there are no side relations thoughts do not allow. The main thing that the cry all the time heard an American husband.

He hears, not believing a single word, but can not do anything. He understands that he is being fingered around, speaks about it, but Europe denies everything and cites its ominous statements as proof. Thus, allowing Russia to make such gifts that make Europe not just richer, but also more independent. Europe does not want to reject such an offer for anything, even at the cost of a kitchen scandal.

Washington, London, Warsaw, Kiev and the Baltic states are well aware that they are witnessing the German performance, when Germany, which had risen to Russian gas, had come to terms with France, will start completely different conversations and actions tomorrow. In this scheme, all current vassals of the United States in Europe will be the losers of the size of a life. Germany has repeatedly shown who she considers the Poles, the Ukrainians and the Balts. And when her strength arrives, she will show it to them again. Few will not seem to them at all.

The most terrible reason for indignation among Poland, England and present-day Ukraine is that they understand that Russia plays Germany like a doll impaled on its hand. Clutching with the United States and the world of their political servants, Russia wins time, suffering small slaps for the main thing  bringing the moment when she grabs her teeth in the Anglo-Saxon throat and tears her.And the most annoying that these teeth will not be Russian, but German.

But the American-British limitrofs from this even worse. How ruthless there are Germans, they remember the genetic memory. The German Shepherd was bred not to hunt wolves, but to protect concentration camps. And one of them was built on Polish soil and filled, including Poles. When the Germans remind the Poles, the Balts and the Banderovites all the years of patience with their nastiness to the German project, no pleas for mercy will help. Raised by Russian gas, the Germans simply will not notice the current American mongrels. When the EU subsidies end, the Germans will start talking to Poland and other Balts in another language.

It must be said that the Germans always treated the Poles with extreme contempt, which they knew and could not forgive Germany. France, on the other hand, considers the barbarians of all those located east of Aachen to be the cities on the border of Germany and France. If the French still somehow ironically accept the Western Germans, denying them European sophistication, then Eastern Europe, starting from the border of the former GDR, simply does not exist for France. No matter how tolerant politicians may speak out loud, but centuries-old attitudes are in their subconscious mind as a collective unconscious and influence the decisions made.

Thus, Russia and Germany are such modern-day Montecchi and Capulets of Europe, who during the day are verbally involved in family feuds, and at night they hold secret meetings and make plans for a joint future. It will not be a common family, no, the values will remain different, there will be friends of houses, trading houses, more specifically, but this marriage of convenience will outweigh the strength of many love marriages (see former bratushki) or marriages under duress (unequal marriage of Germany and the USA). Germany and Russia have no irrational emotions. Too much of their alliance gives each side, so you can refuse it.

Thus, the anti-Russian public rhetoric of Germany is a distracting maneuver, the goal of which is to reassure the United States about their main fears in the style of Dear, I'll explain everything now, this is not what you thought! Russia has one independent channel for receiving Russian gas  Sorry, but I have another fan. Again, reassure the Chief American Husband regarding his plans for Russia.

All the unhappiness of Germany is that its whole game is sewn with white threads and is understandable to everyone. This makes her vulnerable. And only the perseverance of Russia leaves Germany with the hope of obtaining the desired European status of a wealthy and independent grand lady, and not an American call girl. Russia will help Germany redeem from American captivity. As long as Russia is pushing, Germany is holding on. Both countries tolerate.

But gas pipelines are being built, and it remains to endure less and less. After the launch of both Streams, the world will see a completely different situation in Europe. When the former American husband and his LNG are knocking on the German door with a request to let in, and on the threshold there is a huge bearded man with a bear behind him and with a Russian accent asks: And who is this here pinned? this is my ex, will not get away after a divorce. Do not throw him on the street, let him go to the kitchen, they will feed him there.

Of course, America will be able to destroy the European home by force. But the later it takes over it, the more expensive it will turn out for her and the less real chances there will be for the realization of what Bushs senior adviser Sergey Kurginyan spoke about on the subject of a nuclear war in Europe. In 30 years, there will be nothing left to oppose Chinas aspirations to Europe with Russia's binding role plus Russian gas.

A mirror situation will arise  when the United States no longer organizes provocations to Europe, and Europe organizes provocations of the United States, pushing them towards rudeness, after which Europe can calmly pack their bags, moving away from the US structures with the universal support of business and the population. All the necessary preparations will be completed by that time. Starting with gas pipelines, everything will end with the separation of American and European military and clearing and financial systems.

All this has become possible only thanks to Moscows foreign policy over the past twenty years. So Russia will return the historic payoff of the United States for the USSR. States understand everything perfectly and see where things are going.

And since the world is heading precisely in this direction, the US hostility towards Russia will only increase. But there's nothing you can do. We'll have to somehow live with it. And how to live the States with such a psycho-trauma is a topic that cannot be unraveled without a good psychologist.

In Russia, there is one such name  Shoigu. Avangard and Poseidon treats. They say it helps. Well calms. Sometimes forever  at the request of the patient. So experts are right when they say that there is no alternative to Russian gas in Europe. Really not. The main thing is to get used to this thought and not be nervous. Nerve cells do not regenerate.
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