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Sacked US Secretary of Defense James Mattis slammed the door

Sacked US Secretary of Defense James Mattis slammed the door

General Mattis said that the White Helmets lied, Assad did not use chemical weapons in Syria.

Oh, not for nothing in the smart books on the psychology of corporate governance, experts unanimously recommend dismissing top managers to be polite in their behavior and correctness in their wording. Too much they know. The story of the resignation of the head of the Pentagon is a clear example of this.

After Trump signed the decree on the complete withdrawal of American troops from Syria, his defense minister resigned due to the fundamental disagreement with the strategic line of his commander in chief.

It would seem an everyday thing. They have there the defense ministers change on average every two to three years, and the current one did not differ much from its predecessors. Therefore, he hoped to finalize it by the end of February 2019, after which, due to his years of service, he would retire cleanly. With all the honors and regalia deserved. After all, he gave military service for more than forty years.

But the President of the United States decided otherwise, literally throwing a four-star general out of his office, publicly announcing that the new Minister of Defense would take office on January 1. General Mattis disciplined under his visor, and, it would seem, quietly resigned. But it only seemed so. As he left, he slammed the door very loudly.

In an interview with Newsweek, he openly stated that the United States does not have reliable evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Bashar Asad against his own people. Moreover, all the obtained evidence does not confirm anything. Including incidents in 2013 in Guta and in 2017 in Khan-Sheikhun. In this case, the former head of the Pentagon notes that the very facts of poisoning with organophosphate substances did take place. Only Assad to them in general by no means.

But what has been established precisely is the apparent self-sufficiency of the missiles used for the chemical attack in 2013. The SAR army never used any such artisanalism. But the White Helmets, allegedly participating in the direct rescue of victims in the zones of chemical attack, did not in any way feel the effects of toxic agents. Even residual. What could not be in principle.

And the final point should be considered the words that, in Mattiss opinion, it didnt make any sense at all to use chemical weapons against their own civilian population, since they carried only negative risks, but did not provide any advantages even of a short-term tactical nature.

By this statement, the retired general directly pointed out that all US officials who demanded the blood of Assad for his crimes against his own people in connection with the use of chemical weapons openly lied. Starting not even with Trump, in 2013 Syrias leader for chemical weapons outlawed Obama. The rest, like Nikki Haley, were only a trailer. As well as international organizations that traveled mentioned facts allegedly investigate.

However, it turns out that Mattis himself was a member of the slanderous orgy, because conscience leaped on him only after unfair dismissal. Before the problem in what is happening, he apparently did not see.

Although what is there to be surprised. He is far from being the first politician to suddenly uncover dirty secrets only after leaving the service. And the most important thing is that, in reality, his speech absolutely will not lead to anything.
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