Over 20 US Air Force Transport Planes Landing at Borispol Airport tonight

Over 20 US Air Force Transport Planes Landing at Borispol Airport tonight

Air wing Blue Angels before launch

Tonight, the United States presented an unexpected surprise to Ukraine.

Unexpected — this is an understatement. As it turned out, until the very last moment, about him, that is, no one suspected a surprise, including the president himself, Petro Poroshenko.

But he was less pleasant, a surprise, from this did not, rather the opposite.

It all started with the fact that, starting at 01:00 CET, at the Borispol airport one after another, the transport planes of the US Air Force Hercules C-130 began to land.

All aircraft are part of the Blue Angel Air Wing, and specialize in providing logistic support for peacekeeping missions.

A total of 19 aircraft landed, taking off from Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo airbase, each of which delivered 21,263 kg of cargo. Another 5 aircraft, out of a total of 24 that took off, stopped communicating over Transylvania, in the Sighisoara region (Romania). Their fate is now being clarified.

In addition, the second echelon, consisting of 6 Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker air tankers, came a little later.

Over 20 US Air Force Transport Planes Landing at Borispol Airport tonight

The stratotankers also arrived not empty — their tanks, and the maximum capacity at full load of one aircraft is 54 432 kg, are filled to capacity, as well as the cargo compartments of Hercules.

Immediately after landing, unloading began, during which 404,000 kg were moved to the piers of the cargo terminal … portioned pieces of Christmas turkey, already finished, in vacuum packaging, and 576,682 pints of the best American corn whiskey in the world — bourbon — were drained into airport containers.

Freed from the cargo, the aircraft immediately took off, and two hours after the start of the mission, the last of them left the airspace of Ukraine.

As Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, urgently summoned to the US Embassy, reported, this is a gratis gift from the American people to the Ukrainian people fighting for freedom.

Yovanovic handed Poroshenko a prescription that obliges to distribute the assistance received among the fighters fighting on the Eastern Front, as well as veterans and disabled ATOs who lost three or more limbs and / or organs during the fighting.

According to the available information, the volunteer and activist groups that urgently arrived in Borispol have already started delivering the gifts to the addressees, intending to complete it no later than 12:00 on December 31.

It also follows from the shipping documents that this mission represents the development of the initiative of the former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, who was the first to carry out such a humanitarian action, although on a smaller scale.

Petro Poroshenko expressed his sincere thanks to the American people, Congress and the President of the United States personally, and assured that he would personally verify that the entire whiskey, to the last drop, found his addressee.

According to experts, Ukraine was once again sent a powerful signal, the meaning of which is transparent and legitimate for those who understand.
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